BMW 5 Series 2019-2020

BMW 5 Series 2019-2020

Cars 5 Series from BMW company will be equipped with modest engines with three cylinders. In addition, the German manufacturer will offer buyers the M5 engine, whose power reaches 600 horsepower. Do not forget about the system of government for the new “five”.

Executive sedan BMW5 series 2019-2020, which was code-named G30,, has to enter the market next summer. Following this will hatch Gran Turismo, touring Touring. Interior of the car is completely adapted to the modular “trolley”.


The platform was originally called «35up». To some it may seem that the name came absurd and so can only be called a drink that does not contain alcohol. However, it is a “truck” will get new models 3 rd, 5 th, 6 th and 7 th series. For its creation, the engineers used carbon fiber in conjunction with aluminum and high strength steel. This chassis weight reduced by 80 kg compared to the previous car 5-Series.

BMW 5 2016 года

Later the platform was called CLAR, which is an abbreviation of the English words Cluster Architecture. This name was used to emphasize the added flexibility, although the number of generic sub-modules has been reduced. Each cluster can be adjusted in size and content.

As for the M-version of the new “five”, he “lose weight” to 180 kg, as an option will receive all-wheel drive system and will be equipped with twin-turbo V8 engine capacity of 4.4 liters (capacity – 600 hp).

Three cylinders on engine 5-Series

By reducing the weight of the new car it is possible to install a small 3-cylinder turbodiesel in volume of half a liter. Their power will reach 150 horsepower.

Insiders assure Munich: the new model is to allocate very low “voracity” per 100 kilometers it will need a little more than 3.2 liters of fuel. If we talk about the 4-cylinder diesel power unit volume of 2 liters, their capacity of 231 horsepower. Leading same engine fueled with gasoline, will be 272-strong.

For those who love inline engines

If you are a fan of in-line 6-cylinder engines, you can choose the petrol engines 530i / 540i output 333/375 horsepower. Diesel powertrains M550d / 535d / 530d can develop power 400/333/286 hp The first of these also receive at least 4 turbochargers and acceleration to “hundreds” with power units will be possible in 4.5 seconds.

Motorists will be able to choose between a 9-band automatic or manual 6-speed gearbox Getrag. Russian motorists will settle for the first option.

The German automaker will offer hybrid “five”. Among them will be a model that can be recharged from an ordinary power outlet. Produce can be recharged in the garage, use a special floor plate.

BMW 5 2016 года

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