Audi Q6 2019-2020

Audi Q6 2019-2020

Electric crossover Audi Q6 2019-2020 have to wait is not too long. Let’s pre-acquainted with the expected lure the German automobile industry.

Exterior news

Considering Audi Q6 can find similarities with future rivals Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe and the BMW X6 in the sloping roof. Only Audi Q6 roof integrated solar battery. Outwardly crossover looks gallant hussar, who is preparing to conquer the highways. Powerful, slightly sloping trapezoidal radiator grille of irregular shape with the logo – it is not the last surprise of German Engineers.

Matrix headlamps with integrated LED garland organic OLED lights – is the distinguishing feature of the car. Looking at photos of the new Audi Q6 2019-2020 include: clarity of lines passing through the door of the car.

Audi Q6 2018 года

Emphasis is placed on the handle unusual door opening. Surround electric crossover, are not inferior to the original front of the machine. All the same clean lines, powerful, but the original bumper, brand name “Audi” is located exactly in the center.

The rear lights are made in the form of the letter “T” are interconnected LED strip running along the trunk lid.

The silhouette kupeobraznogo concept car guessed active speaker and hidden features. Describe the appearance of new items can quadruple in two words – sporty and sexy.

Audi Q6 2018 года

The interior of the “ship”

No error is excluded. Interior looks like an intergalactic spacecraft control center. OLED-LEDs complement the unusual shape of the center console. One gets the impression that it is floating in the air. Judging from the photos, this is not the last surprise that awaits us. Traditionally, comfortable seats with lateral support and the steering column is adjustable in several positions – except that today surprised the experienced motorist?

Салон Audi Q6 2018 года

Power electrical installation

Maybe soon it is so, will sound familiar to our ears the word engine. Based on the concept e-tron quattro, the electric SUV by Audi will receive polnoupravlyaemoe chassis. This also applies to drive the car. For better stability of the motor are arranged at three compartment floor as follows:

  1. On the front axle one electric motor is located.
  2. Two crossover on the rear axle.

453 l. from. – A total output of three power plants, reaching to a peak of 503 l / force. 800 Nm – an impressive torque figures.

Audi Q6 2018 года

On the high-speed capabilities

Audi Q6 will not name sprinter. Although spurt takes only 4.6 seconds. A good indicator of clocking up hundreds of traditional. Developers electronically limited top vehicle possible, without giving more to accelerate to 210 km / h.

According to the calculations of experts is exclude fast discharge of lithium-ion battery having a water-cooling. Capacity, which is 95 kW / h. According to the calculations of experts disposable refills should be enough for 500 kilometers. At full refueling electric crossover will need less than one hour, a total of 50 minutes.

For this is supposed to install 150 kW Express stations. The vehicle is provided “refueling” the energy from the induction wireless charging. Add power supplies is possible, using solar panels mounted in the roof of the car.

Audi Q6 2018 года

How much money to prepare a potential buyer?

The issue of concern today many motorists. While exact figures are not made public. There is speculation that the Russian car for the price of a new gourmet Audi Q6 2019-2020 3000000,00- be 3,500,000.00 rubles.

Europeans traditionally pay in Euros. The cost of new items will cost 80-270000, .00 €.

To summarize

It may be that the German concern oppose the development of its other automotive giants. After all, the struggle for our minds and wallets does not stop for a moment.

Already it appeared the first video with Audi Q6:

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