Audi Q5 2019-2020

Carmaker from Ingolstadt in 2019-2020 plans to update the mid-size crossover Audi Q5. Officially, the car will be presented at an international dealers at the end of the year. Reliable, comfortable and economical crossover always in demand worldwide.

Security at the forefront

The leader of the segment remains one of the safest means of transport. However, there is no limit to perfection. To create a new model of a universal platform MLB Evo will be used. She already serves as a base for a senior fellow passenger Q7 and the A4. The innovative scheme will reduce the weight of the load-bearing structure by almost 20%. This will significantly increase the level of passive safety through the use of integrated circuit distortion and increase the resistance of the main elements of the high-strength steels. Effective absorption of impact energy are specially designed rear spars and power bars. The fuel tank is located in front of the rear axle in a special protected sector. The collision onboard processor shuts off the fuel pump. Basic configuration is equipped with seven eyrbegami and active headrests. On the basis of the crash test Euro NCAP Committee awarded five stars for the new product.

Ауди Q5 2017 года

Upgrading exterior

External image has not undergone major changes. The photo “Audi» Q5 2019-2020 can be seen geksonalnuyu radiator grille with pronounced edges chopped. Facing a massive chrome edging. Adjust the geometry of the head and back optics. Lights got a sharp rectangular features. Matrix Beam Technology has allowed to reduce the size of the lighting and illumination sector to expand the corner. Bumpers slightly increased, to further give the car a dominant species. The side air intakes in the front bumper visually integrated into one unit horizontal cross beam splitter. Wind deflectors for side mirrors reduced in size and moved to the front pillars to frame the doors. Integrated into the rear bumper exhaust pipes, according to the new way, given a rectangular shape elongated horizontally.

Audi Q5 сзади

Self-sufficiency equipment

In the inner space Q5 2019-2020 changes are many. In the interior, it may be noted a large number of chrome parts. Revolutionary step is to use on a production car 7-inch monitor with a function to customize the interface instead of the traditional dashboard. Premium mediakompleks Highend with 8.3-inch touch screen and hard drive is equipped with a TV-tuner, Bluetooth function, pre-satellite navigation and the ability to switch to the iPod. navigation map can be projected on the instrument display driver.

Ауди Q5

Standard equipment includes ESP system and lateral stability, assistant descent from the mountain system of emergency braking, the system automatically locks the differentials, an electronic parking brake. Optional features tracking system for marking, adaptive cruise control, parking pilot, complex control dead zones, tire-pressure monitoring system.

Ауди 2017 года


Weight and dimensions parameters “Audi» Q5 2019-2020 remain unchanged:

  • length – 4629 mm;
  • width – 1898 mm;
  • height – 1655 mm;
  • clearance – 200 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2807 mm;
  • curb weight of the base version – 1 750 kg.

Standard wheels – R17, tire size – 235/65. Body – a two-volume versatile. Doors – five, the number of seats – five.

Audi Q5 сбоку

Generator adrenaline

German engineers are constantly working to improve the efficiency and the reduction of harmful emissions of its engines. In the arsenal of “Audi” KU5 five upgraded turbocharged engines will be provided in 2019-2020:

  • 4-cylinder gasoline engine TFSI: volume – 2 l, capacity – 211 liters. . With torque – 320 Nm;
  • V-shaped 6-cylinder gasoline engine TFSI: volume – 3 l, capacity – 275 liters. . With torque – 400 Nm;
  • 4-cylinder diesel TDI: volume – 2 l, capacity – 177 liters. . With torque – 380 Nm;
  • V-shaped 6-cylinder diesel TDI: volume – 3 l, capacity – 245 liters. . With torque – 580 Nm;
  • biturbo V-shaped 6-cylinder diesel TDI: volume – 3 l, capacity – 315 liters. with torque -. 650 Nm.

The last unit will be set to the “hot» RS version. Hybrid modification is equipped with a gasoline internal combustion engine capacity of 2 liters and the electric motor power 39.7 kW (54 hp..). With the motors are equipped with 6-speed manual and eight-band automatic S-tronic. reduced fuel consumption contributes to the system “stop start”. Thanks to fuel consumption in urban and combined cycles decreased by 15%. Drive DC – 4×4. Electromechanical power steering is replaced.

Ауди Q5 2017

Home sales in Russia, and the cost of equipment

The new Q5 will be assembled at the beginning of 2019-2020 only in the shops automaker located in Germany. In the car covered by the warranty of the manufacturer for a period of 4 years or 120 000 km. The varied color palette consists of 17 colors, as well as the individual option Audi exclusive. Three basic equipment: “Standard”, “Comfort” and “Sport”. The cost of the basic version is planned at 2.3 million rubles. The top model will cost at least 3.2 million.