Alfa Romeo 2018-2019 Giulietta Sportiva – a special version with a sports bias

Alfa Romeo 2018-2019 Giulietta is in demand on the Italian car market, in the month sold about 3,500 of these cars. To enhance the attractiveness and popularity of the model, the automaker released the so-called sports version, called the Giulietta the Sportiva.

The car has received some changes in exterior and interior, but on the whole managed to get by with no significant differences in the technical part. Externally, the Alfa Romeo 2018-2019 Giulietta Sportiva features new side skirts, made in the style of the turbine impeller 18-inch wheels with 225/40 tires dimension, side mirrors made of polished aluminum and red calipers brake system, the production of the famous Brembo. Just Giulietta gets underestimated sports suspension, which is certainly a positive effect on the running characteristics of the car.

Inside sports Giulietta Sportiva from Alfa Romeo 2018-2019 traditionally allocated aluminum pedals and sills with logo ┬źQuadrifoglio Verde┬╗, a leather steering wheel and seat upholstery with contrasting red stitching and decorative accents on the panels. All flavors version Sportiva interior hides from prying eyes almost black tint all the windows.

Alfa Romeo 2018-2019 Giulietta Sportiva is available with a small but productive engine of Fiat with the already known name MultiAir. The power unit is a displacement of only 1.4 liters produces decent 170 horsepower and works in conjunction with a mechanical or automatic gearbox TCT transmission with two clutches.

Continue to the new range of engines Sportiva two diesel MultiJet engine of the second generation 2.0-liter. Powertrain JTDM available with a capacity of 140 and 170 horsepower. A more powerful engine is already at 1750 rpm develops 350 Nm of torque, while at the same time consumes a little more than four liters per 100 kilometers. Price Alfa Romeo 2018-2019 Giulietta Sportiva in Italy is from 26 220 to 31 320 euros, depending on the engine and gearbox.

Photos Alfa Romeo 2018-2019 Giulietta Sportiva