Alfa Romeo 2018-2019 Brera by Vilner

Alfa Romeo 2018-2019 Brera sports car produced between 2005 and , and the entire production volume has been rather modest. This allows you to rank very spectacular Italian car to the category of rare and somewhat exotic. In 2009, Alfa Romeo 2018-2019 in collaboration with Italia Independent design company is a special version, a limited number of 900 cars. Outwardly, this Brera stood out a matte gray coloring of the Titanium, 18-inch alloy wheels with spokes, stylized turbine impeller, red brake calipers and aluminum accents.

In , the Bulgarian studio Vilner Tuning transformed the interior of the Alfa Romeo 2018-2019 Brera Italia Independent on request of the owner, proving that even the rare car can be made even more special. Exterior saved in its original form, but the interior has undergone a number of changes. Besides the usual leather and Alcantara throughout the interior craftsmen used the snake skin, which is found on the door and the front of the cards.

General dark colors diluted red, and a ceiling made embroidery depicting a dragon. The backrests of the front seats is also decorated with silhouettes of mythological creatures. Two years earlier, Vilner Studio to Train Your Dragon for supercar Nissan GT-R a Chinese client.

Much of the Alfa Romeo 2018-2019 Brera preserved in original condition. For example, the steering wheel with carbon inserts or aluminum plates on the seats, informing that the car belongs to a special series of Italia Independent. Sports car equipped with JTS petrol engines volume of 2.2 liters with a return of 185 horsepower and a 3.2-liter V6, developing 260 horsepower power. Paired with the engine running a 6-speed manual transmission or the automatic Q-Tronic.

Photos Alfa Romeo 2018-2019 Brera Vilner