Alfa Romeo 2018-2019 4C – sports coupe at the Geneva Motor Show

Alfa Romeo 2018-2019 4C – sports coupe at the Geneva Motor Show

Alfa Romeo 2018-2019 shows the 81 th International Motor Show in Geneva the concept of Alfa Romeo 2018-2019 4C. Compact sports car, according to the company offering the most out of technical perfection, performance and refined Italian style coupled with complete security.

Four-meter two-seater sports coupe with rear-wheel drive because of the short wheelbase ensures excellent maneuverability. the car body is made of lightweight plastic with an aluminum frame, which makes the car extremely easy and optimal center of gravity provide excellent handling.

The concept of Alfa Romeo 2018-2019 4C is based on experience in the development of models of Alfa Romeo 2018-2019 8C Competizione and Spider, and is equipped with 4-cylinder, turbocharged, petrol engine capacity of 1750 cm3 with direct fuel injection. With a weight of Alfa Romeo 2018-2019 4C only 850 kilograms and a power of 200 horsepower ratio of weight to power of one horsepower for every 4 kg.

Powertrain Alfa Romeo 2018-2019 4C is back and with moderate fuel consumption accelerates the car up to 250 kilometers per hour maximum speed. Acceleration of the car from a standstill to 100 kilometers per hour takes place for 5 seconds. The company says that if you drive slowly 4C Concept fuel consumption is equivalent to a conventional compact 4-cylinder engine, but you can take full advantage of the torque and performance lightweight sports coupe if necessary.

Sophisticated chassis design Alfa Romeo 2018-2019 4C makes compact cars alike feel confident at any speed and in any driving situation. From agile handling on cramped city roads, to high-speed driving on a streamer, chassis, combined with the weight distribution of 40/60 – front / rear, ensures excellent grip and perfectly obeys the driver’s request.

Features Alfa Romeo 2018-2019 4C Concept

  • Engine: 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol;
  • Volume 1750 cm3;
  • Power: 200 horsepower;
  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h: 5 seconds;
  • Maximum speed: 250 kilometers per hour;
  • Weight distribution: 40/60 – front / rear;
  • Weight: 850 kg.

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