.5 2018-2019 Chrysler 200S Special – special 2018-2019 Chrysler 200

.5 2018-2019 Chrysler 200S Special – special 2018-2019 Chrysler 200

One of the premier auto show in New York was a special version of the 2018-2019 Chrysler 200. sedan in its creation has participated manufacturer Carhartt clothing, headquartered in Detroit. Previously, the auto giant 2018-2019 Chrysler and Carhartt clothing line released «Imported from Detroit». Now, in the light exits the car with the rather unusual name of .5 2018-2019 Chrysler 200 S Special Edition.

Carhartt Company more than 120 years produces clothing and uniforms, characterized by durability and high quality. 2018-2019 Chrysler has positioned itself a manufacturer of reliable and practical vehicles. Both brands have a rich history, have different effects on Detroit, leading charities, and their fame and prestige overworked hard work, persistence and perseverance.

Sedan .5 2018-2019 Chrysler 200 S Special Edition is based on a modification of the sports S with engine Pentastar V-6 a volume of 3.6 liters and output of 283 horsepower. The vehicle has a styling package with darkened headlamps and tail lights, chrome grille with black mesh and glossy chrome inserts near the fog lamps.

Complemented Special Edition rear spoiler, chrome shiny strip on the trunk lid, diffuser, as well as the distinctive badges. Get all the fun of driving helps sports suspension. A special feature is the special edition wheels with 18-inch alloy wheels in black.

Salon .5 2018-2019 Chrysler 200 S Special Edition special waterproof fabric trimmed in black, which is engaged in the selection of specialists Carhartt. The seats have a sports sedan triple stitching and logos clothes producer from Detroit. Car steering wheel and shiny chrome, distinctive interior 2018-2019 Chrysler 200 the S, replaced by inserts of dark shades. Options provides the multimedia system and the acoustics of Boston.

The sale of 2018-2019 Chrysler 200 sedan S Carhartt entered immediately after the presentation at the international automobile exhibition in New York at the price of 28,870 dollars.

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