2018-2019 Volvo S90

The company 2018-2019 Volvo is prepared to bring to the world market the S90 flagship sedan. Car Debuts at the exhibition in Detroit, and while the Swedes partially declassified model at a special event in Gothenburg. Sedan was created during the implementation of the program of renovation of the global 2018-2019 Volvo Cars, attracted $ 11 billion investment. Our idea was to bring something completely new to the segment, characterized by conservatism – said chief designer Thomas Ingenlat.

Exterior 2018-2019 Volvo S90 in the style of the latest concepts of the brand and SUV XC90 second generation. Highlights the headlights with LED accents, called the hammer of Thor. Vehicle length is 4963 mm, width – 1890 mm, height – 1443 mm, length of the wheelbase – 2941 mm.

Curb weight, depending on the modification varies from 1800 to 2150 kg. The luxurious interior is decorated with expensive leather and wood, many of the functions are managed by means of a huge display Sensus Connect, which occupies almost the entire area of ​​the center console. The 2018-2019 Volvo believes that the buttons on the panel should be a minimum. The trunk has a capacity of 500 liters.

The new 2018-2019 Volvo S90 is available in two petrol (T5, T6), two diesel versions (D4, D5), and hybrid versions T8. The latter is equipped with a gasoline powered 4-cylinder turbo engine capacity of 2 liters with a return of 320 horsepower and developing 87 horsepower electric motor. Total capacity – 407 hp with 640 Nm of traction.

Theoretically, the sedan is capable to overcome a hundred kilometers distance, spending only 1.9 liters of fuel, and run on electricity reaches 45 kilometers. Under the hood S90 T6 is the same 320-horsepower gasoline engine with that of the T8, but without electrical assistant. These modifications T5 will be clarified further, according to preliminary information, the power of its 2-liter engine makes 265 horsepower. Diesels sedans D4 and D5 develop 190 and 235 horsepower, respectively, motors got Power Pulse system helps avoid the phenomenon called turbo hole.

Among other things, S90 from 2018-2019 Volvo equipment is necessary to allocate Pilot Assist with adaptive cruise control, which is able to keep the car within the band at speeds up to 130 mph, if the road markings clearly visible. Complex security systems City Safety will be useful not only in the city, so it is now able to detect on the road of large animals such as moose or horses and apply braking.

Picture 2018-2019 Volvo S90