2018-2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI PP-Performance

“Hot” hatchback 2018-2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI seventh generation became the object of a joint German tuning workshops Cam Shaft and PP-Performance. The first company, the well-known transformation of vehicles with the help of vinyl films, has taken care of the appearance of a compact sports car, and the second carried out the revision of components and assemblies. Both companies did their best and did not disappoint those who are seriously interested in tuning cars.

In Cam Shaft pasting performed Exterior Golf GTI Mk7 film with a touch of mint and contrasting black accents. The hatchback has received 19-inch ASA alloy wheels with low-profile tires of the dimension 225 / 35R19. Sports car assertiveness give advanced by 3.5 centimeters front fenders made of carbon fiber. Looks modified sports car is very impressive.

In PP-Performance added performance motor Course. Standard 2-liter engine produces 230 horsepower, but thanks to the electronic control unit reprogrammed in the studio brought out up to 280 horsepower, and in the future will offer more extreme version of “cream-skimming”, catch up with their colleagues from BBM Motorsport.

Recall, VW Golf GTI engine in their performance produces 300 horsepower. Chip-tuning PP-Performance will cost the customer in 799 euros, but do not forget about the possibility of installing a set XTA suspension of ST-Suspensions with H & R stabilizers that will improve ride quality. The cost of the entire program changes hatchback has not been announced.

Picture VW Golf GTI Mk7 PP-Performance