2018-2019 Volkswagen CC – updated sedan Passat CC without title

2018-2019 Volkswagen makes the first make-up of popular models Passat CC, which found more than 270 thousand owners around the world within four years of life, but lost the title in a word the Passat . The automaker called the updated version of the model year 2018-2019 Volkswagen CC, and VW CC. The world premiere of the car will be held this month on the Auto Show in Los Angeles and meeting with the driver of the first car is scheduled for the spring of for the car market in Germany, and then spread to Europe and cover all planned around the world by .

The updated model 2018-2019 Volkswagen CC differs from its predecessor with new headlamps, which are integrated in the daytime running lights with LEDs, a new chrome grille and a new bumper with fog lamps and chrome accents. Hood, new alloy wheels modified rear bumper and lights, make the car even more interesting in appearance, and for the comfort and safety of the driver and passengers, the automaker offers a variety that make life easier innovations.

In addition to driver fatigue detection system, which is the right time to warn, not allowing to happen trouble, the new the CC the 2018-2019 Volkswagen is equipped with a plate recognition system and a system for tracking the movement in its lane. Modified and effective climate control adds the ability to massage and a large panoramic sunroof makes the trip more comfortable.

Under the hood of the updated 2018-2019 Volkswagen CC changes were primarily diesel engines, all of which are now standard equipped with a cost-effective control system start-stop and braking energy into electrical energy conversion function, to replenish the battery during braking and coasting.

Diesel VW CC engines have a capacity from 140 to 170 horsepower, but the most economical model works on the 140-strong TDI with a manual 6-speed gearbox. According to the automaker, 2018-2019 Volkswagen CC with a TDI engine with 140 hp consumes just 4.7 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers.

Offers petrol engines in the car market in Europe starts from 160-horsepower 1.8-liter TSI. Next performance petrol engine 2018-2019 Volkswagen CC with 210 horsepower has a capacity of 2.0 liters, and the top version develops an impressive 300 horsepower.

Picture 2018-2019 Volkswagen Passat CC