2018-2019 Toyota Prius

No doubt, 2018-2019 Toyota Prius is the most famous hybrid car in the world. The new generation, the fourth in a row, is to develop this success. Today, the Japanese company has sold more than 3.5 million liftbek economical and does not get tired to constantly upgrade model in the world. The car of the fourth generation is markedly different from its predecessor externally, and on the part of the consumer qualities far better.

According to the designers, represents a runner on the starting position of 2018-2019 Toyota Prius . Exterior become more effective and more sports, is dominated by abrupt transitions and lines. The front and rear light (of course, diode) is in the form of a boomerang, the rear roof pillars are made black to achieve the effect of a floating roof.

The color palette of seven colors, red color reigns the Hypersonic, thanks to which the new Prius certainly not go unnoticed in traffic. the hybrid length is 4540 mm, width – 1760 mm, height – 1470 millimeters. Overall dimensions precisely match the canons of modern automotive fashion: the next-generation representative of the slightly longer, wider and lower than its predecessor.

Layout 2018-2019 Toyota Prius has evolved. Become more compact and lighter traction battery (Ni-MH or Li-ion) moved out from under the trunk floor under the rear seat, with the result that the volume of the boot has increased to 502 liters. The engine compartment was removed from behind who was previously a normal battery.

As part of the present power plant is already well familiar gasoline engine 2ZR-FXE 1.8-liter volume, thermal efficiency which reached 40 per cent – the best at this time index. The power is 98 horsepower, torque is 142 Nm. The return of the motor is less than 72 horsepower. Many interested Prius E-Four with an electric motor, rotating the rear axle.

Buyer liftbek hybrid all-wheel drive will have to be content with the trunk slightly smaller volume, constituting 457 liters. 2018-2019 Toyota Prius 4 uses the combined cycle of 2.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, consumption compared to previous generation car dropped by 0.6 liters.

Photo 2018-2019 Toyota Prius