2018-2019 Toyota Prius C  – sport package for the Prius from 2018-2019 Toyota Racing Development

2018-2019 Toyota Prius C – sport package for the Prius from 2018-2019 Toyota Racing Development

Sport division of 2018-2019 Toyota – 2018-2019 Toyota Racing Development (TRD) for releasing a completely new hybrid Aqua car, which on foreign markets is presented as a 2018-2019 Toyota Prius C, «Plus» sports package.

Hybrid with the sports package allocated aerodynamic, overlays on body thresholds, front and rear spoilers and a diffuser in the rear bumper with a pair of chrome exhaust pipes. All these elements of the body can be presented in three colors: black, gray or white. The assurances of the Japanese setting of the sports kit will not affect the car’s aerodynamics and drag coefficient of resistance machines will remain at the same level – 0.25.

This means that these new things will not lead to an increase in fuel consumption. In addition to new sports aerodynamic elements, as seen in the photo 2018-2019 Toyota Prius C, for gibridomobilya with racing package is available as an option, the roof finished “under carbon”. Inside, there are new carpets and nameplates «Plus».

Small changes undergone and equipment sports hybrid. This applies to the installation of new suspension springs, leading to a decrease in ride height by 28 millimeters in front and at the rear 33 and rear stabilizer bar. Besides the novelty is equipped with alloy wheels 17-inch dark gray “shod” in tires size 215/45 R-17. large-diameter discs should slightly increase fuel consumption – from 3.9 to 4 liters per 100 kilometers.

The power plant 2018-2019 Toyota Prius C will remain unchanged – an updated technology Hybrid Synergy Drive, which is based on the 1.5-liter gasoline internal combustion engine is paired with a highly efficient electric motor. According to representatives of a hybrid power unit consumes less than 5 liters per 100 km in the urban cycle, which is a record for such machines.

It should also mention illustrated in the photo the V the Prius the 2018-2019 Toyota . Compact MPV hatchback is different from the large size, the increased volume of the luggage compartment and power plant. Prius V is equipped with a gasoline engine of 1.8 liter capacity of 98 horsepower and 80-horsepower electric motor draws power from a set of NiMH batteries.

The torque transmitted to the front wheels via the continuously variable transmission. Fuel consumption of the hybrid Prius V is not more than 5.6 liters per 100 kilometers in city traffic and 6.2 liters per “hundred” in the country.

Photo 2018-2019 Toyota Prius With TRD

Photo 2018-2019 Toyota Prius

Photo 2018-2019 Toyota Prius of

Photo 2018-2019 Toyota Prius V