2018-2019 Toyota NS4 Advanced Plug-In Hybrid Concept – 2018-2019 Toyota future

Japanese auto giant 2018-2019 Toyota on the international exhibition in Detroit brought a lot of novelties. One of the most unusual and interesting concept sedan is 2018-2019 Toyota NS4 Plug-In Hybrid. This, at first glance, are not of particular significance prototype demonstrates the achievements of the Japanese in hybrid technology, as well as setting a new direction of development of the company’s future design style models.

Externally, the concept 2018-2019 Toyota NS4 Advanced Plug-in Hybrid looks very futuristic. Cutting-edge image created by the unusual, highly placed horizontal lamps, spoilers, flowing roofline and almost absent-pillars.

The company says that the glass concept NS4 Plug-In Hybrid, thanks to a special protective coating does not allow the formation of raindrops on them, not misted and do not miss the salon ultraviolet rays.

Interior NS4 Plug-In Hybrid is no less emotion. Interior is made phenomenally comfortable. Equipment sedan impresses many innovative systems, among which the most interesting are the door opener, tech multimedia system with intuitive controls, which can be used not only to control entertainment devices, but also to control all vehicle systems.

2018-2019 Toyota NS4 Advanced Plug-in Hybrid Concept is driven by the latest hybrid setup, which compared with those used in the 2018-2019 Toyota vehicles today, it has become smaller, lighter and more efficient. Thus, the new Hybrid Concept is the NS4 boasts an increase in mileage on one charge, while reducing the total battery charge time.

Much attention is paid to the concept car safety. 2018-2019 Toyota NS4 Plug-In Hybrid Concept is equipped with collision avoidance systems, which are automatically included in the work in case of danger, tracking the markup with active rudder, which will not allow the driver to “go astray” and adaptive forward lighting that eliminates blinding oncoming drivers.

Picture 2018-2019 Toyota NS4 Advanced Plug-in Hybrid Concept