2018-2019 Toyota Mirai

Company 2018-2019 Toyota starts selling in Japan Mirai sedan, which has become the world’s first production car, using hydrogen as a fuel. Name of innovation model is translated from Japanese as “the future”. A year earlier it was presented a promising concept The FCV, which seemed somewhat futuristic, but now vodorodomobil become a reality and available to customers. While the spread of such an interesting vehicle for the world slows lack of infrastructure – special filling stations.

So at the moment 2018-2019 Toyota Mirai, which is a mid-size sedan with four places (because of the peculiarities of layout), on sale in Japan at a price of about 7 million yen. Part of the amount is ready to subsidize local government. Next, the model will appear in the US and Europe. The US price is already known and is 57 500. Taking into account the different preferences of the state for the purchase of a vehicle with zero harmful emissions car buyers will cost 45 000 dollars.

Another important incentive to purchase Mirai is a comprehensive program of comprehensive customer care, in which there is an item about the possibility for three years free to refuel hydrogen fuel. With the direct participation of 2018-2019 Toyota goes the construction of filling stations. Another option – leasing for up to 36 months with a monthly fee of $ 499.

153 horse power force that generates a high-tech propulsion system, allow 2018-2019 Toyota Mirai accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour (96 km / h) in 9 seconds. According to preliminary data, the hydrogen storage located in two tanks, enough to cover the distance up to 480 kilometers. Power for the motor is obtained by reacting hydrogen and oxygen, and “exhaust” in this case becomes steam.

Before electric vehicles, which require up to several hours to recharge the traction battery, the novelty has one significant advantage. – At the gas station Mirai hydrogen will go more than five minutes. If necessary, new product can be used as a mobile power generator, if the optional purchase PTO.

Picture 2018-2019 Toyota Mirai