2018-2019 Toyota ME.WE Concept – a compact concept from 2018-2019 Toyota

Every concept car is unusual in its own way and, as a rule, is endowed with a variety of options from the world of high technology, which involves high costs. 2018-2019 Toyota also knows how to surprise, but in the case of an electric vehicle project ME.WE manufacturer offers a look at a modern vehicle without frills with a wide range of applications.

Prototyping doing creative French designer and architect Jean-Marie Massaud. The goal was to create a simple and understandable for all the car adapted to different situations. 2018-2019 Toyota ME.WE Concept weighs 750 kilograms, which is 20 percent less than the average weight of a representative series in the class.

The basis of the prototype is a tubular aluminum chassis and removable body panels made from lightweight polypropylene. The total weight of the bumpers, doors, fenders and hood does not exceed 14 kilograms. The floor in the salon and other interior elements are made of bamboo. Baggage can be positioned on the roof and hide it from the synthetic rubber material, but provides an opportunity to expand the cargo area in the back of a pickup truck-like platform.

Picnic with the convenience of removable seats provide 2018-2019 Toyota ME.WE, while the back row as superfluous easily folded and placed under the front. The roof is also transformable element, as a result of a car appears in the form of a simple urban hatchback, convertible or pickup.

Inside, 2018-2019 Toyota ME.WE there is only one instrument panel that displays information about the speed, battery level, and the navigation provided to connect the smartphone. To experience the real thrill of the ride, people can lower all the windows, including the windshield.

In each wheel of the new concept of integrated motor. This solution is applied to the 3-wheeled PMV 2018-2019 Toyota i-ROAD. The system provides on-demand 4WD, and compares favorably with traditional designs car-wheel drive. Lithium-ion batteries are installed under the floor, by analogy with electric cars iQ EV. To save battery in the cabin, a special air conditioning system with low power consumption.

Picture 2018-2019 Toyota ME.WE Concept