2018-2019 Toyota iQ EV – New Japanese electric vehicle

In the car segment with a zero-emission completion. Before serial production reached 2018-2019 Toyota iQ EV. In , at the Tokyo Motor Show was presented the concept FT-EV III, on the basis of which the new product is built. The car is positioned as the ideal urban vehicle, but does not differ outstanding performance driving range on one charge.

Electric 2018-2019 Toyota iQ EV

2018-2019 Toyota iQ EV length of 3120 millimeters, which is only 135 mm longer than the gasoline model. At the 2.0-meter wheelbase width and height are, respectively, 1680 and 1505 mm. Through the use of modern light steel, which increased due to the weight of the battery electric vehicle, has grown in comparison with the petrol version only 125 kilograms. Sami 2018-2019 Toyota iQ EV batteries are located under the floor of the car in place of the exhaust system. This arrangement allowed not to steal useful trunk space and 4-seater saloon, while the hatchback has received a low center of gravity and flat underside with perfect aerodynamics.

2018-2019 Toyota iQ EV has an impressive appearance, where the bold combination of black and white pearl color gives the compact car a unique style. Habitual electric radiator grille is not, but instead it has a compartment lid with a socket for recharging. In the lower part of the bumper is placed trapezoidal air intake with a glossy black surround and daytime running lights. If you look to the headlights, we can see the holes in their sides, which are intended for efficient cooling units 2018-2019 Toyota iQ EV. Body electric improved for better aerodynamics, and the wheels, in order to please her, though, received a special aluminum caps.

Interior iQ EV

Interior Japanese car with zero emissions, too, has a black-and-white coloring. As planned by the designers, the dashboard 2018-2019 Toyota iQ EV with Ā«OptitronĀ» original lighting should be a turbine electric generator. Multi-function LCD display 3.5-inch displays all relevant information about the vehicle operating conditions.

Intelligent climate system intelligently uses the stored charge. In the arsenal of intelligent heater has a function that heats the interior during charging from the mains, before the planned trip. 2018-2019 Toyota iQ EV is equipped with nine airbags, VSC stability control and Hill Start Assist, which helps when starting to rise.

The engine and the characteristics of iQ EV

High-tech hatchback from 2018-2019 Toyota drives the electric motor 47 kW, which is slightly more than 60 horsepower, with torque of 163 Nm. IQ EV Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes 14 seconds, and the maximum speed electric vehicle is 125 kilometers per hour. Power reserve of 85 kilometers of new items, and the battery can be recharged from a household network for three hours. Possible and through a special fast charge, available as an optional device that will replenish energy reserves by 80 percent in just 15 minutes.

Photo 2018-2019 Toyota iQ EV