2018-2019 Toyota HiLux

2018-2019 Toyota HiLux

Pickup 2018-2019 Toyota HiLux special needs no introduction. The car has been in production for over 47 years and during that time has established itself on the positive side. At the same time the presentation of 8 generation HiLux took place in Thailand and Australia. Dealers Green continent novelty will be in October . All agree that the Japanese truck prettier by getting even more solid frame, new powertrains and advanced equipment. Also played a role design, meet still on clothes.

New HiLux 70 millimeters longer than its predecessor by 20 mm wider and slightly lower. For the maximum configuration, such as the SR5, available LED headlamps, 18-inch alloy wheels and chrome elements. Cars are cheaper (WorkMate, SR) have wheels 16 and 17 inches. If necessary, 2018-2019 Toyota HiLux towed trailer full weight up to 3 and a half tons, and carrying capacity is 1240 kg. However, more rigid frame truck has got a modified suspension, improved handling and guaranteeing unrivaled comfort in motion. Setup takes engineers Australian units, mercilessly drove the truck on the roads and off the continent.

More 2018-2019 Toyota HiLux has a fuel tank, enlarged to 80 liters, reversing camera, daytime running lights, the help system when starting uphill and seven airbags. The options list includes all-terrain tires.

The powertrain lineup for Australia, there are two brand new GD series diesel, fuel consumption which is 10 percent lower than the motors KD family. 1GD engine volume 2.8 liters, which replaced 1KD-FTV, has an output of 177 hp at 3400 rev / min and torque of 450 Nm between 1,600 and 2,400 rev / min. The 2.4-liter diesel 2GD produces 150 horsepower and 400 Nm. Power familiar 2TR petrol motor in volume of 2,7 liters increased to 165 horsepower. At the top is the 4-liter V-shaped “six” power of 280 horsepower. 6-speed manual gearbox and a 6-band “machine” involved in the implementation of thrust.

For the interior of the eighth generation HiLux posted Hiroki Nakajima, who developed compact but very roomy inside for its external dimensions hatchback IQ. truck passengers will not feel themselves in distress, increased rear legroom (+35 mm in length to the backs of the front seats) and have increased the range of height adjustment of the driver’s seat. We have been made to improve the sound insulation work.

The pickup in the maximum configuration has climate-control, the ability to access to the interior without a key and a multimedia system with touch screen. 31 There is a modification of the vehicle, all the difference in the engine, drive type, the level of equipment and performance of the cab variant. In March, the updated the Ford the Ranger – classmate and rival 2018-2019 Toyota HiLux.

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