2018-2019 Toyota Hilux  – updated a powerful, economical and comfortable Pickup 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux

2018-2019 Toyota Hilux – updated a powerful, economical and comfortable Pickup 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux

2018-2019 Toyota shows an updated version of the popular Hilux pickup model year. Japanese car manufacturer offers a new design, more comfort and reliability, and lower power consumption units, with an increase in productivity. The new Pickup Hilux will be available in 36 European countries, and more than 135 car markets worldwide.

As before, the updated model will be produced at plants in Thailand and South Africa. In , the sales statistics is this: throughout Europe, 21,866 vehicles purchased of their respective owners. In total, sales in the segment amounted to 25 percent, which makes the 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux most popular pickup truck in the car market in Europe, with leadership in sales for the third consecutive year.

The company reports that the Interior 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux has been revised completely and offers the comfort and convenience of a car. Major changes have affected the center console, which is installed in the 6.1-inch, full-color touch-screen infotainment system.

Exterior updates pickup 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux include a new bonnet, a modified grille, headlights and bumper, as well as the arched wings for large wheels and new side mirrors. To enhance the dual-purpose pick-up, which can be used both for work and for leisure, equipment is now available with a choice of the three components. It is proposed to select two engines, front-wheel drive or full, as well as manual or automatic transmission.

2018-2019 Toyota Hilux 2WD 2.5 front-wheel drive and the 2.5-liter power unit sets itself apart from its predecessor by 24 hp increase in power output while reducing fuel consumption by 1.0 liters and emissions of 26 grams per kilometer. Features of the updated pickup Hilux 2WD 2.5L follows: 144 horsepower at 3600 rev / min with maximum torque of 343 Nm and an average fuel consumption of 7.3 liters per 100 kilometers with emissions of 193 grams per kilometer.

In addition, the version with front-wheel drive is now equipped with a suspension of the four-wheel drive, making the new pickup is still reliable, and allows Hilux with two-wheel tow 2.5 tons of cargo. The automaker from Japan reported that the use of four-wheel drive pickup with both 2.5-liter and 3.0-liter engines, the DPF particulate filter, the updated 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux fits the demanding Euro 5 standards.

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