2018-2019 Toyota GT86 Blanco

2018-2019 Toyota has prepared for British buyers coupe GT86 special offer. 1 August Albion on sale Blanco received a special version with color schemes, which the manufacturer has positioned as a sport. Select a car and decided to a good level of equipment, but the engine, unfortunately, is unchanged. No performance gain, even symbolic, is not provided.

But 2018-2019 Toyota GT86 Blanco easily recognizable thanks to the pearlescent white body color with stripes of red and gray. The rear diffuser with a pair of shiny pipes of the exhaust system has a red frame, do not forget “touch up” the housing door mirrors and front bumper. The wheel arches of the Japanese coupe are 18-inch alloy wheels with ten spokes thin anthracite color and low-profile tires.

Inside, attention is drawn to sports seats trimmed with leather and equipped with heating. The center console has a label with the serial number of a particular car series. By the way, 2018-2019 Toyota did not specify how many coupe GT86 Blanco scheduled to be released.

The latter feature stylish sports car – 2018-2019 Toyota Touch multimedia system with touch screen, navigation, and 9-component acoustics JBL. In the UK, a white coupe GT86 (Blanco in Spanish means “white”) is 28,500 pounds. The car also released as Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S, driven by a horizontally opposed 4-cylinder engine capacity of 2 liters, generating 200 horsepower with a torque of 205 Nm.

Picture 2018-2019 Toyota GT86 Blanco