2018-2019 Toyota FV2 Concept

No auto show is complete without the project, attracted the attention of the audience with their uniqueness and creative approach on the part of developers. During the Tokyo Motor Show in the role of show-stoppers took the concept 2018-2019 Toyota FV2. Courage creators obviously do not hold, and the principle of «Fun to Drive» has allowed them to show imagination and share with all the incredible, seemingly impractical ideas on the future of transport. A very distant future, taking into account all the futuristic technology, to realize who is very difficult.

The prototype has a rather peculiar appearance of the streamlined body with a different overall height, depending on the operating mode of the vehicle. In the so-called idle mode FV2 Concept length is 3000 mm, width – 1600 mm, height – 990 mm. In drive mode, taking into account the location of the driver inside the upright height is increased to 1780 mm.

implementation management looks very interesting for Single “car”, practicing the basics of personal mobile vehicles Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV) from 2018-2019 Toyota. Habitual no steering, pedals too. You just need to tilt the torso to the side where you want to go. Lift drive mode panel that serves as the windshield, steering outputs the necessary information on the road.

2018-2019 Toyota FV2 can feel the driver and understood his mood by analyzing the voice and emotions. Colour housing prototype, actually represents a large graphic display, can be changed. As planned by the developers, traffic safety should be ensured FV2 ability to communicate with other vehicles and anticipate the development of the traffic situation in advance. The technical side of daring concept is still unknown, but in the Japanese manufacturer promises to present a production car on hydrogen fuel.

Picture 2018-2019 Toyota FV2 Concept