2018-2019 Toyota Fun Vii Concept – telephones car or the car phone

2018-2019 Toyota Fun Vii Concept – telephones car or the car phone

I remember very well the feeling of quiet delight when I got my first cell phone. It seemed a miracle, I immediately a step closer to the heroes of spy films, gets the job and reporting on their implementation by incredible devices embedded in watches or cigarette cases. Slightly less was the extent of my surprise, when I acquired my first smartphone, now I could carry in your pocket PC, a library and a video game console.

Corporation 2018-2019 Toyota has made a new step forward, and now the word “mobile” in the phrase “mobile phone” has acquired a completely new meaning for me. From now on mobile smart phone has become not so much because it can be carried in a pocket, but because he can get you where you want. Fun Vehicle interactive internet (Fun Vii) – At the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show a new concept from 2018-2019 Toyota was introduced.

New model 2018-2019 Toyota affects not only futuristic forms (modern design concepts have long crossed all possible boundaries of human ability to wonder) how many difficulties in its definition. 2018-2019 Toyota Fun Vii of equal rights and can be positioned as a car, and a high-tech electronic gadget. Start with the fact that the owner of a new miracle Fun Vii can easily spend a momentary tuning the appearance of your car, and interior changes. The secret is that almost all of the internal and external surface of the “smartphone on wheels” from 2018-2019 Toyota represent a high-resolution display.

Familiar front console is no longer needed, all instruments and indicators are located on the Fun Vii convenient for the driver and passenger areas on the inner surface of the concept. Selection of the information available to the huge display. From classic speed, engine speed and temperature data to the weather, road conditions and temperature in the cold. Naturally the services of the driver multifunction navigation program. many functions Management 2018-2019 Toyota Fun Vii is possible with conventional mobile devices, such as those same smartphones or laptops. You can easily choose any design, “color of the body” and the wallpaper for the interior.

Fantastic impression makes use of so-called “augmented reality” technology, that is “augmented reality.” Picture showing the traffic situation on the display Fun Vii front of the driver, complemented by information about neighboring objects on the road, intuitive indicators of the distances to them, their speed, the driver’s attention is drawn to the potentially dangerous traffic participants and fixed elements on the road, and near it. Needless to clarify that the Fun Vii Concept is an electric car from 2018-2019 Toyota. Definitely worth mentioning that the charge it is possible to produce without a direct connection to the mains. It is enough to put it on a specially equipped parking place, to begin the process of “filling”.

In addition to purely road facilities and wonders, 2018-2019 Toyota Fun Vii has also powerful communications features. The concept can be used as a standard mobile connection with any of the subscribers and has the ability to detect, and even their own to share information with its neighbors on the road to safety. In addition, and the driver and passengers can enjoy Internet access and the operating system Fun Vii constantly monitors software updates.

The only thing that distinguishes it is a miracle of high technology from the car park of James Bond – the complete absence of weapons aboard the Fun Vii, but who knows, that in our age is more dangerous – a heavy machine gun, and not burdened with the limitations of the hacker powerful computer display on wheels.

Picture 2018-2019 Toyota Fun Vii Concept