2018-2019 Toyota FT-1 Concept

Already it should be no surprise that the new models are not only for driving on real roads, but for racing games. Gran Turismo 6 Fans will soon prohvatit on the new sports coupe 2018-2019 Toyota FT-1. Concept presented at the exhibition-the NAIAS in Detroit, and his assistants developed the California Design Center Calty Design Research, founded 40 years ago by 2018-2019 Toyota. On the technical data do not reflect the manufacturer began by offering admire the magnificent appearance supercar.

When creating the concept designers were inspired by such famous sports car of the Japanese company as Celica, Supra, 2000GT, MR2, GT86 (Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ) and the brand new the Lexus the LF-the LC . Work on the project was carried out for about two years. The result is a coupe FT-1 – Future 2018-2019 Toyota number 1 or “future 2018-2019 Toyota №1».

“Our team was heavily influenced by Sportarena previous years, in particular Supra and Celica, we wanted to be sure to reflect this. We turned aggressive sports car focused on the race track, causing shock and awe “, – said the head of Calty Design Research Alex Shen. On account of shock and awe the expert did not lie. In FT-1 is very brave and fight the appearance of the spot, causing completely forget about any specifications.

Car flexing its muscles. Light reflected from the relief of the body with impressive dramatic lines, consistent with the aerodynamics. Sporting proportions are emphasized shifted to the rear axle cabin with two seats. The front air intakes are made in the shape of the fan blades and the hood has a transparent insert. It is a pity that it is only an imitation of the engine instead. Salon austere, low landing, no distraction from the driving process equipment there. Information for the driver outputs the projection display.

2018-2019 Toyota FT-1 will appear in the game Gran Turismo 6, the park which previously joined the virtual supercar the Mercedes-Benz the AMG the Vision the GT . Some features of the concept of design in the future will be used on production models 2018-2019 Toyota, the company that will go only on advantage.

Picture 2018-2019 Toyota FT-1 Concept