2018-2019 Toyota Camatte 57 – a new toy from 2018-2019 Toyota

At the Toy Show in Tokyo, 2018-2019 Toyota showed the children’s car project Camatte 57, based on the submitted last year concept Camatte. Parents and children can work together to build their ideal “family” car. Unlike last year’s version, the new stylized sports car with an open top and, as far as possible for the toy car is more emotional appearance.

Mini car length of 3 meters, a width of 1140 mm and a height of exactly one meter has a collapsible design. 57 light body panels of black, gray, red or other colors will give the opportunity to anyone who wishes to feel avtosborschikom. With 2018-2019 Toyota Camatte 57 children attached to the motor world, and parents will be able to ride.

Despite its modest size, the concept has three seats, established by the formula 1 + 2. Driver’s seat is designed for a child, and pedals made prudently regulated. In the case that parents always intervene in the management of the car or simply help their child gain driving skills. Naturally, the machine is not designed to travel on public roads.

No details about the technical characteristics of the manufacturer does not inform. We only know about the electric drive Camatte 57. 2018-2019 Toyota recently introduced a lot of conceptual innovations, not devoid of meaning. The exhibition was prepared in Geneva 3-wheel sitikar i-Road General Description , positioned the company as the transport of the future. A month later, there was created together with French designer Jean-Marie Massaud environmentally friendly concept me.we will , become an example of a vehicle with a wide range of applications, but not for mass production claims.

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