2018-2019 Porsche 919 Hybrid

2018-2019 Porsche 919 Hybrid

Active participation in motor sport allows companies not only to once again assert its existence, but also to showcase their latest developments. Or, in other something to peep. Particularly interesting endurance race, to which auto giants are preparing very seriously. 2018-2019 Porsche 919 Hybrid prototype is claimed to participate in the race World Endurance Championships (WEC), well ahead of the car famous and most prestigious endurance race in the “24 Hours of Le Mans.”

“919 Hybrid – the most difficult race car that we have ever created. This is our quick and mobile research laboratory, “- said the chairman of 2018-2019 Porsche AG Matthias Müller. As it is known, is now at the forefront of daily marathons beyond energy efficiency involved prototypes.

Earlier, a car to participate in the race category LMP1 (Le Mans Prototype 1) presented Audi. Externally, the cars are similar except for the totally different color in the technical part of the same similarity can be traced. And the R18 e-tron and the 919 Hybrid have the diesel, which combines with the electric motors, but 2018-2019 Porsche engineers have managed to stand out. Four cylinder diesel engine not arranged in a row, and V-shaped. Motor supercharged direct injection and spins up to 9000 rpm and generates 500 horsepower.

There is a dual system of energy recovery, including a forward converter of thermal energy of exhaust gases. The wheels of the front axle are driven by an electric motor, “feeding” from the battery. In such a scheme is called 2018-2019 Porsche “time-wheel drive”, as the driver engages the front axle when necessary, for example when accelerating car.

Another interesting participant in the race “24 Hours of Le Mans” will be the Nissan ZEOD the RC , to get a unique 1.5-liter gasoline engine DIG-T R with three cylinders, capable of delivering 400 horsepower. Incidentally, the engine weighs only 40 kilograms. Well, the electric motor is still here. As promised earlier, without using the internal combustion engine prototype will be able to overcome the 13.7-kilometer lap of Le Mans at the speed of more than 300 kilometers per hour.

Photo 2018-2019 Porsche 919 Hybrid