2018-2019 Peugeot

Compact SUV, 2018-2019 Peugeot, – is the unconditional approval of this machine. The rate in the dynamics, high throughput and intuitive, safe driving, many advantages in its class – an ode of praise can be sung forever.

Notable features of the car in this price segment are extended wheel arches, additional protection in the form of a body belt that connects the front and rear bumpers, attractive design of the car, which can be regarded as raisins chrome headlights and strong vertical front grille.

Inside the car, immediately, there is a luxury material of the dashboard and interior trim, all performed well, with care and love of detail. The rich interior lighting, large sunroof or panoramic roof, a large glove box, armrest, cup holder, seat, going down at the touch of a button will make your stay as comfortable as possible in the car, give vivid impressions of the operation of this machine.

Expanding backseat can instantly change the boot capacity from 410 to 1400 liters, which is very convenient when preparing for a long journey, comfortable tailgate allows low load, at a height of just 60 cm.

The car is available to order with a gasoline or diesel engine, with automatic or manual transmissions. The basic package includes four winter tires Goodyear, famous for their reliability and quality.

The onboard computer is equipped with a function to combine with the smartphone the driver if suddenly the touch screen is damaged, and vice versa, the screen can be accessed to your phone and the data in it, the so-called mirror effect.

Established by a special technology braking system, specially adapted to travel in the city, seriously reducing the consequences of accidents, and even helps to avoid them. Parking Assist System automates the process of parking, special cameras evaluate the size of the neighboring vehicle, which is much easier to maneuver.

The engines in the car of the two kinds of 3-cylinder petrol PureTech light diesel and turbine BlueHDi in manual and automatic control. Proposed nominal capacity 82 – 130 liters.

The petrol range is the new SUV includes a range of five engines:

  • 1.2L PureTech 82, Manual Transmission 5-speed, consumption of 4.9l / 100km
  • 1.2L PureTech 82, automatic transmission 5-speed, 4.4l / 100km
  • 1.2L PureTech 110 S & S, Manual Transmission 5-speed, 4.4l / 100km
  • 1.2L PureTech 110 S & S, an automatic transmission with a 6-speed (EAT6), 4.8 l / 100km
  • 1.2L PureTech 130 S & S, Manual Transmission 6-speed (EAT6), 4.8 l / 100km, it is considered the best in its class.

Diesel engine BlueHDi 1.6L characterized by its amazing capacity for work and power and record-low fuel consumption, regardless of version – 75, 100 and 120 liters. from.

  • 1.6L BlueHDi 75, Manual Transmission 5-speed, 3,7l / 100km best-in-class and segment
  • 1.6L BlueHDi 100, Manual Transmission 5-speed, 3,7l / 100km
  • 1.6L BlueHDi 100 hp, Manual Transmission 5-speed, 3,5l / 100km, the most economical engine
  • 1.6L BlueHDi 100, automatic transmission 6-speed, 3.6 / 100km
  • 1.6L BlueHDi 120, Manual Transmission 6-speed, 3.7 / 100km, the Best-in-class and in the segment.

New 2018-2019 Peugeot definitely stands out among the class of SUVs, combining unusual design, first-class equipment and powerful, yet fuel-efficient engine. Riding behind the wheel of the car gives an unforgettable experience and emotions.

Photos 2018-2019 Peugeot