2018-2019 Peugeot Onyx Concept – a stylish concept car from the 2018-2019 Peugeot Onyx

2018-2019 Peugeot Onyx Concept – a stylish concept car from the 2018-2019 Peugeot Onyx

At the Paris Motor Show French company 2018-2019 Peugeot is preparing to introduce several new products, including an extravagant concept car called Onyx. The first images of the car had already appeared on the network, and now the French have decided to demonstrate the project entirely, telling more about the features and interesting details of modern hybrid supercar.


2018-2019 Peugeot Onyx has a relatively compact dimensions. The length / width / height equals respectively 465/220/113 centimeters. conceptual design of the car turned out very interesting, where the sharp body lines and a rich combination of matt black and bronze color attracts attention.

On the front of the stand narrowed LED headlights and taillights design drawn as a trace of the three claws to scratch the surface. 2018-2019 Peugeot Onyx is completely made of light materials. Its body is made of carbon fiber weighs only 100 kilograms (gross weight 1100 kg supercar), and supercar shape provides a low drag coefficient of 0.30.


Onyx is driven by a hybrid power plant with 8-cylinder turbodiesel HDi FAP working volume of 3.7 liters, which is developed by a division of 2018-2019 Peugeot Sport. Engine output is 600 horsepower and rear-wheel drive torque is transmitted through a 6-speed sequential gearbox. Intelligent HYbrid4 technology uses the braking energy by accumulating charge in the lithium-ion batteries and Onyx provides a vehicle an additional 80 horsepower during acceleration.

The performance of the power plant concept with enough margin, as per 1 horsepower for less than two kilograms of weight, and to slow the 2018-2019 Peugeot Onyx applies braking system with carbon-ceramic discs 380 mm diameter front and 355 mm at the rear.


Concept Salon is decorated in a sleek, minimalist style. some unexpected materials, such as felt and paper, recycled from newspapers and magazines are used in the decoration of the interior 2018-2019 Peugeot Onyx addition to traditional carbon fiber supercar. The result was spectacular. Salon Onyx provides a feeling of comfort and warmth, and the finish does not bring the car to lose weight.

Engine start button and a number of switches are located above the windscreen 2018-2019 Peugeot Onyx, on an aluminum panel. The center console also looks strange, but carries all the necessary functions with easy operation.

Onyx French auto giant new project demonstrates the skills of talented engineers and designers, as well as the promising technology of the future and aimed at creating a new car effect of inspiration. It is possible that some presented in a stylish concept car solutions materialize in production cars 2018-2019 Peugeot.

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