2018-2019 Opel Meriva, – the second generation of the compact minivan Meriva

Innovative, versatile and elegant – so characterizes the automaker from Germany second generation of the compact minivan 2018-2019 Opel Meriva model year, the debut of which took place at the International Motor Show – Geneva The modern exterior design – a package for universal vehicle with an optimized internal space, efficient engines and innovative technical solutions.

Once you have created back in 1999, a successful seven-seat the Zafira , in 2003 on the world car market went compact model minivan 2018-2019 Opel Meriva, which thanks to its compact dimensions, the revolutionary FlexSpace technology for the rear seats, passengers boarding high and spacious interior has won recognition worldwide. Since entering the market, Van found more than a million owners throughout Europe.

Updated 2018-2019 Opel Meriva second generation model year again raises the bar and offers a recognized development FlexSpace system for even easier management and use of the system FlexDoors opening doors for easier access to the rear seats. In addition, efficient use of storage space enhances flexible center console and the retractable stand for bicycles, which is located under the bottom of the luggage compartment.

Elegant and dynamic interior of the new Meriva includes a plurality of functional solutions. In addition to modularity, the center console is equipped with slides, which allow it to move between the seats, allowing you to select the right functionality at the moment, and many kinds of drawers and storage spaces are arranged to have the flexibility to customize the interior minivan.

“With the Meriva and the 2018-2019 Opel Zafira, we invented a new kind of fully universal car,” says Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Aftersales of 2018-2019 Opel – Alain Visser. “I do not see any other car offering so many that make life easier, and ideas.” Minivan Front seats are the same as in the new Astra and Insignia and regulated in the range of 240 mm front to back and 65 mm in height, which provides a convenient place for people of any build.

Offered by the new 2018-2019 Opel Meriva rear door design has many advantages. Instead, the maximum opening of 70 degrees in the standard location, FlexDoors system allows the rear doors open to 84 degrees. The presence of the usual B-pillar provides the necessary rigidity and safety of the structure, and also allows to use independently opening rear and front doors.

In addition, the obvious convenience for the driver and front passenger 2018-2019 Opel Meriva, which need to take place, or in the backseat of clothing or an umbrella, as well as for the safety of children. Even when the vehicle is stopped and leaving the vehicle driver or passenger, is complete control over the opening of the rear doors. The company says that the system, which is equipped with all sorts of everything locks of accidental discoveries, held at the 2018-2019 Opel Meriva testing since 2006 and has established itself only on the positive side.

Such phrases as “new expressive design language”, “sculptural artistry” and “German precision” – certainly fit minivan . According to the automaker, 2018-2019 Opel Meriva to adhere to the quality level of Insignia and the new Astra , and provides a level of comfort that will be enjoyed by the most demanding customers. Designers and engineers have worked on glory, offering stylish, fresh look with excellent functionality.

New 2018-2019 Opel Meriva model year comes with a ruler efficient petrol and diesel engines ranging from 75 to 140 horsepower, combined with 5 or 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission. The advantage of controllability and stability of the car ensured a longer wheelbase with increased track for both front and rear wheels.

The 2018-2019 Opel Meriva 1.3 CDTI Ecoflex

  • Length: 4290 mm;
  • Width: 1990 mm;
  • Height: 1620 mm;
  • Engine: 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine;
  • Volume: 1248 cm3;
  • Power: 95 horsepower;
  • Torque: 180 Nm from 1750 to 3500 rev / min;
  • Turning circle: 11.5 m;
  • Weight: 1360 kilograms;
  • Load: 530 kg;
  • Cargo capacity: 400 – 1500 liters;
  • Fuel consumption per 100 km: 4.5 liters;
  • CO2 emissions: 119 g / km;
  • Top speed: 168 km / h;
  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h: 13.8 seconds;
  • Price in Germany: 18 500 EUR.

It looks like an updated 2018-2019 Opel Meriva in the near future will be equipped with the recently presented by the company, super economical 1.7-liter CDTI turbo diesel with technology Ecoflex and diesel fuel consumption of 3.7 liters per 100 kilometers with CO2 emissions of less harmful than one hundred grams per kilometer.

Picture 2018-2019 Opel Meriva

Picture Vauxhall Meriva