2018-2019 Nissan ZEOD RC

2018-2019 Nissan ZEOD RC

2018-2019 Nissan has unveiled a racing car project ZEOD RC (Zero Emission On Demand Racing car), which in will make its debut in the endurance race 24 Hours of Le Mans. The manufacturer claims that in front of us is the fastest electric car in the world, capable of speeds over 300 kilometers per hour.

The novelty can be traced similarities with the DeltaWing racing prototype, designed by Ben Bowlby and took part in the Le Mans in , but 2018-2019 Nissan ZEOD RC is designed with a closed cabin. While no company performance does not lead, and the project is expected to numerous tests. “Over the next twelve months, we zaymёmsya testing multiple transmission options and subject the prototype of a comprehensive test” – Ben Bowlby he said. Claimed top speed is 300 kilometers or more per hour will eventually be achieved.

«2018-2019 Nissan is becoming a world leader in the development of vehicles with zero emissions and ZEOD RC is a continuation of the development of our technology,” – said the executive vice president of 2018-2019 Nissan, Andy Palmer. Endurance race Le Mans 24 Hours, he called cruel test stand to check the company’s development.

All indifferent manufacturer invites Nismo YouTube channel to follow the 2018-2019 Nissan ZEOD RC. The Japanese company has managed to achieve significant progress in the production of electric vehicles. In , there was electric car LEAF and immediately won the award Green Car Vision Award, for the next year model recognized by the European Car of the Year, the World Car of the Year and Car of the Year in Japan. In , the company released a racing prototype LEAF RC, though based on the serial engine capacity of 107 horsepower.

It is obvious that 2018-2019 Nissan ZEOD RC ( «zero emissions on demand”) in the first place will get better battery life, since the available energy content does not have the necessary, and the tires for the race, Michelin is engaged in electric vehicle. The novelty will go to the endurance race is set-off as a car, demonstrating new technologies and innovations.

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