2018-2019 Nissan BladeGlider Concept

2018-2019 Nissan BladeGlider Concept

2018-2019 Nissan has said that the new electric BladeGlider – more than just a concept. To present the car in the general stream is difficult, but it seems the developers so the future of transport with zero harmful emissions. Due to the very exotic electric car design secures and makes appeal to attract attention.

Clearly traced similarities with the racing prototype ZEOD the RC , only the last destiny – to shine on the track and win, and novelty destined to become an affordable sports car to electric. Company officials are already talking about the price up to 50 000 dollars.

Form 2018-2019 Nissan BladeGlider became a pledge of effective aerodynamic characteristics. Track width of the front wheels is only one meter, which additionally have a positive impact on maneuverability. The weight distribution in a ratio of 30/70 in favor of the rear axle electric car only benefit.

In an unusual movement of electric vehicle drive motor integrated in the rear wheels, which are powered by the innovative lithium-ion batteries, already proven in the successful and popular LEAF model. Batteries are mounted in the rear part next to the so-called motor-wheels. The sleek body is made of lightweight and durable carbon fiber.

It looks unusual and layout BladeGlider salon. More reminiscent of an airplane wheel steering wheel located on the center, then the driver’s seat and a pair of passenger seats on the edges behind him. Comfortable fit passengers contributes to the ability to automatically bias the driver’s seat side.

Representatives of the company has not yet disclosed the technical specifications of the electric sports car and called the approximate dates of visiting the production series, but the determination and confidence of the creators talking about the successful future of a unique concept.

Photos 2018-2019 Nissan BladeGlider Concept