2018-2019 Mitsubishi Pajero Legend – Jubilee 2018-2019 Mitsubishi Pajero

2018-2019 Mitsubishi Pajero Legend – Jubilee 2018-2019 Mitsubishi Pajero

About SUV 2018-2019 Mitsubishi Pajero heard, even those who are not interested in cars. The representative of the glorious Japanese car industry for its 30-year history has become, without exaggeration, the legendary vehicle, has earned the image of a multi-purpose vehicle and unpretentious. Pajero 12-times winner of the rally-raid “Dakar”, which is considered a major test of strength.

History Pajero

Concept 2018-2019 Mitsubishi Pajero appeared in 1978, and in October 1982 the production car was presented at the Motor Show in Tokyo. SUV named after pampasskoy cat Leopardus Pajeros, dwelling in Argentina and known for its ability to survive in difficult conditions.

Since the advent of the car spread to all corners of the globe, albeit under different names (Montero and Shogun), but the legendary given circumstance at 2018-2019 Mitsubishi Pajero will not take. From 1982 to 1991 it was produced the first generation of the car, from 1991 to 1999 – the second produced Pajero 3 to 2006, and currently manufactured and sold for the fourth generation of Japanese SUV has become truly global.

Especially for the 30th anniversary of the model of the South African division of 2018-2019 Mitsubishi has prepared a special called Pajero Legend version. At the local car market model is very fond of. Incidentally, the “Dakar” was originally held on the Black Continent, but also in other local safari SUV successfully participated.

The engine and all-wheel drive

2018-2019 Mitsubishi Pajero Legend is the most prepared to overcome off-road vehicle with all necessary attributes jeep expedition. For the jubilee models as a basis for a complete set we took GLX – without too much unnecessary luxury, and with a diesel engine Di-D volume of 3.2 liters. Power powertrain is 190 hp with an impressive 441 Nm of torque.

Transmission, of course, branded Super Select 4WD with locking center differential, electronic control and Active Stability + Traction Control system. Use switching mode all-wheel drive can work on the go, but up to 100 kilometers per hour. Mighty Pajero Legend drags a trailer weighing 3300 kg.

The SUV has good permeability due to ground clearance of 235 millimeters. The angles of entry and exit are, respectively, 36.6 and 25 degrees. 2018-2019 Mitsubishi Pajero Legend is equipped with very solid and ready for any adventure. The front is protected by “kenguryatnik”, which placed additional LED lights, and other than this SUV has a tow bar, reinforced side skirts, “toothy” mud Goodyear tires and underbody protection.

Options anniversary Pajero Legend

To overcome water obstacles, without fear of engine Pajero drink water, it helps to snorkel. On the roof of the jeep is in an aluminum rack with folding picnic table, two additional canisters by diesel, gas bottle, shovel and jack. This manufacturer has not stopped, and added to the above list two batteries, portable refrigerator Luna volume of 50 liters and a couple of chairs to relax in camp. Armchairs 2018-2019 Mitsubishi Pajero Legend put in strong cases, and do not get lost when traveling to help navigation system.

In South Africa, from 2018-2019 Mitsubishi Pajero Legend can be bought for 619,900 local rand, which translated is 71 600 dollars. On the possibility of the appearance of “Legends” in the other car markets have not yet been announced.

Picture 2018-2019 Mitsubishi Pajero Legend

Picture 2018-2019 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

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