2018-2019 Mitsubishi Concept

The company 2018-2019 Mitsubishi is ready to demonstrate at an automobile exhibition in Tokyo just three concepts, one way or another affect the popular SUV segment. All prototypes are created to show the future direction of the Japanese manufacturer in technology and design. All concepts are futuristic style that attracts attention. The issue of fuel efficiency and good environmental performance is also carefully designed.

2018-2019 Mitsubishi GC-PHEV (Grand Cruiser) is rightfully occupies a central place in the general picture of three concepts. This full-size SUV with permanent all-wheel drive, equipped with a hybrid engine with a V-6 a volume of 3 liters, an electric motor and an 8-speed automatic transmission. PHEV – Plug-In Electric Vehicle, that is, the traction battery of a hybrid vehicle can be charged from the mains. By the way, in late October, crossover the Outlander the PHEV , presented in in Paris, has passed the certification for sales in Russia.

The next prototype 2018-2019 Mitsubishi Tokyo for the exhibition was the XR-PHEV (Crossover Runner). Japanese coupe – crossover is equipped with 1.1-liter internal combustion engine with turbocharging, electric motor and has a front-wheel drive.

Ends parade concept SUV features with a minivan called 2018-2019 Mitsubishi AR (Active Runabout). It is known that the prototype is deprived of the hybrid drive, but can boast of so-called adaptive layout salon. As the power unit selected small economical turbo, complete with a variety of “assistants”, helping to reduce fuel consumption. More detailed characteristics of the company has not been announced.

Photos 2018-2019 Mitsubishi Concept