2018-2019 Mercedes Ener-G-Force Concept – prototype of the future Gelendvagen

2018-2019 Mercedes Ener-G-Force Concept – prototype of the future Gelendvagen

Car world can not be imagined without the 2018-2019 Mercedes SUV Gelandewagen , which has its own unique, so beloved by the owners and fans of the style. When it comes to restyling the G-the Class , many with horror awaiting his results. Fortunately, while the manufacturer is limited only by the technical transformation and improve the comfort, greatly without affecting the appearance. But as time goes on, and 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz asks: “Will be carried G-Class, the commercials in 2025?”.

By design competition Design Challenge at Los Angeles, the German company has prepared a draft on the possible future of the famous SUV comes from 1979. Concept 2018-2019 Mercedes Ener-G-Force appeared in a police car «Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025″. Following him, full of ideas and plans for the future professionals of the German auto giant ready to create a civilian version of the G-Class 2025. Although the concept presented by 2018-2019 Mercedes Ener-G-Force is the only large-scale layout with the design and characteristics of science fiction, it is possible its embodiment in life . Of course, not now, but later.

What are the requirements to the police car of the future? The 2018-2019 Mercedes describe the following picture: “The police will have to face even more intense traffic and crowded streets, significantly increase the population, the variability of people who are very active and feel young, even in old age.” Police vehicle as a concept presented by 2018-2019 Mercedes Ener-G-Force, must be reliable, fast and able to get to your destination without a difference, is there a good way to go or not.

It is clearly seen a hint of off-road ability Gelandewagen model. More car of the future has to be clean and run on alternative fuels. Police jeep must ensure the safety of employees, for this reason, as shown 2018-2019 Mercedes Ener-G-Force Concept version Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025 has a small glass area of the body. Special lights integrated into the roof of the car, and huge 20-inch wheels provide excellent flotation.

In the future SUV Ener-G-Force can be traced features of the current 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class. It is still strong and impressive. Is that a futuristic design and a more modest glazing line. Instead of the spare wheel in the concept of a small retractable compartment for the necessary tools that will be available without having to open the tailgate.

The roof of the 2018-2019 Mercedes Ener-G-Force Concept located water tanks, which in turn is passed to the so-called hydro-converter that converts it into hydrogen for fuel cells. From the work of energy produced four wheels are in the motor. Special topographic Terra-Scan scanner monitors the ambient 2018-2019 Mercedes Ener-G-Force terrain at all possible 360 degrees and commands the SUV suspension settings and engine thrust.

The side skirts Ener-G-Force Concept are energy storage devices, and ate to look at the “face” of the future 2018-2019 Mercedes, you will notice that the LED lights made in the form of the letter G. Another of the traits of the legendary concept Gelendvagenom – direction indicators, placed at the top of the wings.

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