2018-2019 Mercedes CLK 63 AMG Black Series from RENNtech

2018-2019 Mercedes CLK 63 AMG Black Series from RENNtech

Experts aftersales training of RENNtech developed a service pack for the 2018-2019 Mercedes the CLK 63 Black Series. The aerodynamic package consists of a front splitter, rear diffuser and adjustable rear wing.

Front splitter offers 2018-2019 Mercedes CLK 63 Black Series aggressive design and increased downforce. Air channels integrated into the splitter allow air flow to increase the cooling of the front brakes, which has a positive effect on their performance.

Air ducts for cooling the brake system developed in collaboration with the front splitter to increase the flow of cooling air to the front brakes and reducing brake wear in the most demanding operating conditions CLK 63 Black Series.

Rear diffuser RENNtech 2018-2019 Mercedes CLK 63 AMG is the companion front splitter and also developed as a result of countless hours of testing, but not only for appearance. By improving the air flow, reduce drag and increase downforce rear diffuser allows you to achieve outstanding aerodynamic characteristics of the car.

Design and performance, fully adjustable rear wing designed to work in conjunction with a rear spoiler. The stylish, fits perfectly into the overall design of the wing improves downforce and stabilize management CLK 63 Black Series at high speeds.

In addition, the module offers RENNtech increase the air supply to the engine, which adds 10 horsepower and suspension module in order to maintain maximum grip, which provides better braking, acceleration with maximum acceleration and confident behavior RENNtech the CLK 63 AMG in the turns at high speed.

Photos 2018-2019 Mercedes CLK 63 AMG from RENNtech