2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz E-Class BlueTEC Hybrid – Hybrid technology 2018-2019 Mercedes

Today, many automakers around the world have focused the most of its resources is not to improve the performance of cars, as it was before, but on the reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, without reducing it. The company 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz claims that with the release of new models E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid set completely new standards in the segment of hybrid cars.

2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid combines a four-cylinder turbodiesel capacity of 204 horsepower, along with an electric motor that develops 27 horsepower. In addition, the new model is equipped with a control system of the engine start-stop and regenerative braking system. The vehicle can be used in purely electric mode, as well as include an additional function that takes care of the most efficient use of fuel at cruising speed on the highway.

Representatives of the corporation 2018-2019 Mercedes confident claim that their E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid is the most fuel-efficient luxury car in the world. Its average fuel consumption of just 4.2 liters per 100 kilometers (US standard – 56.0 miles per gallon) and CO2 emissions amount to just 109 grams per kilometer. If we compare the power of the E 300 BlueTEC, it is on the 2018-2019 Mercedes E 300 CDI diesel level, and fuel economy is 15% lower than that of the E 250 CDI.

The second “environmental” model is the 2018-2019 Mercedes E 400, where the motor is used in conjunction with a V-6 cylinder petrol engine. Employees report that their innovative solutions have led to fuel consumption of the machine at the level of 8.7 liters per 100 kilometers.

Thomas Weber said that these two models of the E-Class are just the beginning of the introduction of hybrid technology in the range of corporations and he was very pleased with the fact that innovation in engine 2018-2019 Mercedes give such visible results on reduction of fuel consumption and the amount of harmful substances emitted into the atmosphere.

Model E 400 and E 300 BlueTEC brought the company to a whole new level in the automotive business. Now 2018-2019 Mercedes – it’s not just the quality of the brand, but also the environment.

Picture 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz E-Class BlueTEC Hybrid