2018-2019 Lincoln MKZ – enjoy a luxury sedan from 2018-2019 Lincoln

2018-2019 Lincoln MKZ – enjoy a luxury sedan from 2018-2019 Lincoln

Serial luxury sedan 2018-2019 Lincoln MKZ has turned almost completely identical to its prototype, presented in January at the North American Auto Show in Detroit. More then MKZ design like the public, it is quite modern, but at the same time has the classic features with smooth lines, bringing rather big size sedan ease and appeal.

2018-2019 Lincoln MKZ

A special jewel appearance 2018-2019 Lincoln MKZ is the optics. Small headlamps with LEDs not only aesthetic, but also functional. By turning the steering beam highlight their direction, improving the visibility of the driver. The rear lights are made in the form of a thin line extending across the trunk lid.

The interior of the MKZ 2018-2019 Lincoln worked out to the smallest detail. It is harmonious and has some original features. The car is not a traditional selector of an automatic transmission, the driver selects the mode using the buttons on the center console: Park, Neutral, Reverse, Drive and Sport. Lack selector has allowed designers to create a convenient connecting link between the front seats.

The driver of the new 2018-2019 Lincoln MKZ gets all the necessary information by means of a monitor with a diagonal of 10.1 inches, and is located in the center console smaller, 8-inch screen. Branded infotainment system My2018-2019 Lincoln Touch is equipped with voice and touch controls. As standard, there are 11 columns, but true music lovers will be able to order a more expensive speakers with 14 speakers and surround sound. Of course, there are on-board navigation MKZ.

The car from 2018-2019 Lincoln equipped with a noise reduction system, the seats are leather upholstery, heated and electric adjustment of position. The decoration is used and the tree, and metal that is a true sense of luxury and comfort in the interior.

Safety of 2018-2019 Lincoln

MKZ sedan in became the first in its class equipped with inflatable belts back row safety. Children or elderly occupants more vulnerable to impact from behind, and the new belts five times can reduce the load on the chest and the neck as compared to conventional belts. This significantly reduces the risk of injury.

Because of electronic security systems 2018-2019 Lincoln MKZ noteworthy camera Radar, which tracks the position of the car in the lane. Smart system will always prompt the driver to the danger and will not accidentally go into the oncoming lane with fatigue. Adaptive cruise control has a braking function with a strong convergence with the traveling ahead of the vehicle and the parking lot, even in the most difficult situation, simplify the BLIS system.

Already in the basic version is equipped with a 2018-2019 Lincoln MKZ original Drive Control System. Her goal – to provide the perfect balance between a good ride and handling. Driving comfort is provided by an electric power steering, traction control and stability function, a choice of three different travel modes: sport, comfort and cost.

2018-2019 Lincoln MKZ is offered with a choice of availability the buyer of one of the three power units under the hood.

  • The two-liter petrol EcoBoost from Ford installed on 2018-2019 Lincoln MKZ with its four-cylinder performance is comparable to the 6-cylinder engines. Although 240 horsepower, the engine is very modest fuel consumption thanks to the latest high-tech development of the Ford .
  • The second power unit for the MKZ, 2018-2019 Lincoln prepared a large and powerful. Motor six-cylinder volume of 3.7 liters, which develops 300 horsepower and allows the driver to fully enjoy the driving.
  • Even more interesting is the third, hybrid engine. Impressive its fuel consumption: just 5.7 liters per hundred kilometers in the urban cycle and 6.5 liters on the highway.

All motors 2018-2019 Lincoln MKZ transmit torque to the wheels through a six-speed automatic transmission, but other than that available to customers the choice of a vehicle equipped with four-wheel drive versions.

Another interesting option for the 2018-2019 Lincoln MKZ is a large panoramic roof area of ​​1.4 square meters. The strength of a huge glass sunroof, manufacturer compares with an analogue of steel.

Photo 2018-2019 Lincoln MKZ