2018-2019 Lincoln MKX – photo, overview, characteristics

2018-2019 Lincoln MKX – photo, overview, characteristics

2018-2019 Lincoln MKX has been presented to the public at the International Motor Show in Detroit earlier this year. The crossover based on the Ford the Edge – that speaks of quality, used Ford Mustang engine – which does not require advertising and has a unique exterior design. Ford says that the 2018-2019 Lincoln MKX is the first revolutionary product in the planned future cars 2018-2019 Lincoln list and enhances the visual image of the brand.

Interior 2018-2019 Lincoln MKX – a fusion of quality Lexus with modernity the Cadillac, with a more elegant and sleek design, and the use of the skin, which is covered by the seat, steering wheel and shift knob. In addition to the high level of trim, the interior is extremely quiet. comfortable seats with a generous amount of space for three rear passengers and driver. Heated and cooled front seats are standard equipment, and heated rear is available as an option.

Keyless ignition and remote start are also standard features. Other equipment includes a heated steering wheel, a panoramic sunroof, adaptive cruise control, and the THX II stereo system 600-watt, that you will hear from 14 speakers arranged with all the subtleties of acoustics.

18-inch wheels are mounted on the base version of the MKX, and 20-inch available as an option. Price 2018-2019 Lincoln MKX starts at $ 39.95, which makes the 2018-2019 Lincoln is more expensive than the Cadillac SRX, Lexus RX350 and the Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class and close in price to the BMW X3 and Audi Q5.

2018-2019 Lincoln MKX is the first product of the company with an installed infotainment system “My2018-2019 Lincoln Touch”, which will be standard on all future cars the 2018-2019 Lincoln . The system with an eight-inch touch screen has four main functions: navigation, climate control, phone and audio.

Voice recognition system installed on the 2018-2019 Lincoln MKX now has an extensive vocabulary and a more capacious and convenient menu. Passengers can connect their devices via Bluetooth or MediaHub with two USB ports, SD card slot, and a variety of RCA connectors. 2018-2019 Lincoln MKX while parking can also be connected to a Wi-Fi network, allowing you to turn Wi-Fi router to the USB port in the car to create a point of access for all passengers with their laptops.

The engine 2018-2019 Lincoln MKX model year – a 3.7-liter V6, which is used in conjunction with the Ford Mustang and produces the same power output – 305 horsepower with an impressive torque of 380 Nm. The motor is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. The new 2018-2019 Lincoln MKX retuned suspension and wider wheels are installed that provide excellent traction with the road surface.

Buyers can choose between a four-wheel drive version of the 2018-2019 Lincoln MKX, and front-wheel drive. In combination with front-wheel drive car in the city consumes 12.4, and on the track 9 liters of fuel. These figures suggest that 2018-2019 Lincoln was the best in its class for a luxury crossover medium size, power and fuel economy. The all-wheel drive configuration increases fuel consumption and is in the city of 13.8, and in the country of 10.2 liters per hundred kilometers.

2018-2019 Lincoln MKX model year is a crossover luxury luxurious inside and out. This is the best 2018-2019 Lincoln product, as evidenced by the quality of the Ford Edge, which is the basis for the MKX. Ford DNA can be a great starting point, but to thrive as a luxury brand 2018-2019 Lincoln is still needed its own character.

Harakteristiki2018-2019 Lincoln MKX

  • Base price: $ 39,995
  • Engine: 24-valve DOHC V-6
  • Displacement: 3.7 liters
  • Power: 305 hp at 6500 rev / min
  • Torque: 380 Nm @ 4000 r / min
  • Transmission: 6-speed automatic
  • Drive: front-wheel or full
  • Curb weight: 1930 kg of
  • Fuel consumption city 12,4 l / 100 km
  • Fuel consumption highway: 9 l / 100 km

Photo 2018-2019 Lincoln MKX