2018-2019 Lexus RC F

2018-2019 Lexus RC F

Immediately after the debut in Tokyo, the new coupe 2018-2019 Lexus RC rumors about the imminent appearance of more powerful versions, equipped with motor V8. It was not long, but the Japanese have already prepared a sports car, almost unanimously called western automotive journalists, perhaps the main competitor of the BMW the M4 . External appeal compartment is achieved through effective design in an aggressive style. The huge grille with black mesh complemented by a pair of air intakes at the edges of the bumper.

Every detail of the exterior is designed not only for aesthetic beauty, but also for functionality. The car has excellent aerodynamics, its components and assemblies are well cooled. The vents for the wheel arches create the letter «L», the main part of which were sculpted sills. Forage sports coupe decorated with a black diffuser and four tailpipes of the exhaust system.

Rear spoiler extends automatically when the 2018-2019 Lexus RC F is 80 kilometers per hour, and is removed at 40. For the model provided three options for the design of forged wheel disks dimension of 19 inches at the top of the range, they will be polished by hand.

Under the hood, the relief of the Japanese coupe is located a 5-liter naturally aspirated petrol engine with eight cylinders located V-shaped. While the manufacturer claims the power that exceeds the mark of 450 horsepower. The exact specifications will announce later.

The seats in the cabin 2018-2019 Lexus RC F finished with five varieties of leather with a choice of contrasting stitching. Headrests decorates Letter F, located in the lower part of a unique sports steering wheel with an elliptical cross-section. The latter should provide a more comfortable grip. The instrument panel has four profile settings to change the brightness, color, and font size.

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