2018-2019 Land Rover Defender Electric Concept – SUV on electricity

The British automaker 2018-2019 Land Rover brought on 83 exhibition in Geneva just seven off-road Defender famous model, who lost their standard diesel engines and gearboxes. Terrain Vehicles have become eco-friendly electric cars, but their abilities are not lost.

2018-2019 Land Rover Defender Electric Concept received a 94-hp electric motor (70kW), which develops 330 Nm of torque. Energy reserve is stored in the lithium-ion battery capacity of 27 kWh. Transmission simplified to a single-speed gearbox, as the motor delivers maximum torque already from the start. SUV kept four-wheel drive with differential lock and a proprietary system to adapt to road conditions Terrain Response, which is still under a modified power realities.

One charge is enough to overcome the Defender Electric Concept 80 kilometer distance, and in off-road at low vehicle speed can be maintained up to eight hours. The battery is charged in four hours using a fast charger (7 kW) or for 10 hours on a portable device (3 kW). His contribution to the accumulation of charge makes energy recovery system that allows the engine when driving downhill to generate up to 30 kW of electricity. Depending on the operating conditions is reduced to 80 percent of the energy.

The car was subjected to a serious test in extreme conditions. In particular, electric 2018-2019 Land Rover Defender Electric pulling tractor-trailer full weight of 12 tonnes in the 13-degree ascent and stormed ford depth of 80 centimeters.

The battery weighing 410 kg is installed at the front in place of diesel. Curb weight of 2018-2019 Land Rover Defender Electric Concept only 100 kilograms more than the usual serial Defender 110 and ranges from 2055 to 2162 kilograms, depending on the modification. Liquid cooling components in order to optimize the weight in an electric SUV decided not to use, using the air type.

As long as 2018-2019 Land Rover has no plans to launch Defender Electric commercialized. The company only deals with the study and testing of technologies that would later appear on the cars of the British manufacturer, and seven presented an electric SUV has found service.

Picture 2018-2019 Land Rover Defender Electric Concept