2018-2019 Land Rover DC100 Sport Concept and his brother SUV 2018-2019 Land Rover DC100

2018-2019 Land Rover DC100 Sport Concept and his brother SUV 2018-2019 Land Rover DC100

Manufacturer reliable and powerful off-road vehicles from the United Kingdom presented to the German original concept DC100 and sporty version – 2018-2019 Land Rover DC100 Sport Concept. Both cars with an intelligent all-wheel drive, which are characterized by a functional, reliable, durable and desirable, show design and technology of the future of the British automaker’s vehicles.

And the DC100, and DC100 Sport Concept has a unique external design, but instantly recognizable as a 2018-2019 Land Rover. Manufacturer of luxury SUVs from Britain demonstrates the flexibility of the proven platform for years – short overhangs, square shape, high ground clearance and large, 20-inch wheels – which is based on classic design and high-rover DC100 and stylish sporty all-wheel drive car with an open top DC100 Sport.

The interior of both cars is rich in innovative developments of the British automaker. Above the original, more like a joystick gearshift lever is located DC100 Control Center – a touch, a removable, self-powered and rugged monitor, some of which control functions, such as audio, navigation and climate controls are duplicated on the multifunction steering wheel.

Innovative technology powerful mobile system allows the owner of the concept car 2018-2019 Land Rover DC100 and DC100 Sport and use it outside the vehicle. The numerous features besides multimedia and entertainment are included such as a navigation system, a built-in hard disk is the custodian captured in the way of photos and video materials and terrain maps.

At the heart device 2018-2019 Land Rover embodied the latest developments powerful telematics system that allows using satellite and 3G networks to obtain information, for example about such things as the depth of the river in remote areas, as well as through access to the Internet, provide the communication device with the outside world for the driver and passengers DC100 concept. Management functions such as climate control and get information about the car’s operation modes are available remotely, using a laptop or a smartphone.

SUV Manufacturer of Britain reported that all the materials used interior finishes have been carefully chosen for reasons of durable exploitation and to a small extent exposed to the ravages of the environment and wear. Like all car manufacturers today, 2018-2019 Land Rover does not forget about the ecology and uses in the production of finishing materials DC100 castor oil, and flax.

The famous four-wheel drive 2018-2019 Land Rover also brings a new level. vehicle suspension is a pneumatic variable ground clearance to a distance of 32 centimeters, which is perfect for all driving conditions. Concept DC100 and DC100 from the Sport 2018-2019 Land Rover is equally good and confident feel and smooth high-speed road and potholes on rugged terrain.

In addition, the new SUV is minimized driver involved in aspects such as the selection of the operating mode controlled suspension electronics, for roads with different surface. Numerous sensors 2018-2019 Land Rover DC100 Sport Concept transmit a signal the computer that knows the difference between sand, mud, grass, snow, asphalt and gravel.

Setting the suspension not only controls what DC100 board computer for optimum car setup. During the movement, by analyzing numerous factors, electronics unobtrusive for the driver controls and parameters of performance by changing the phase angle of the engine power and controlled damper electricity.

For security systems, 2018-2019 Land Rover offers a DC100 and DC100 the Sport a few chips for use, including built-in watches and bracelets. According to the company, it will greatly facilitate the use of all members of the family car in different conditions, such as when bathing in a pond in nature. In such cases, as a country vacation, key chain, which is the only possible access to a private car can be left at home.

Subsequently, 2018-2019 Land Rover plans to teach the system to recognize family members DC100 and DC100 the Sport owner in the face, allowing parents to limit the power and speed of the car when driving their children of and remember setting the seat position, air temperature, and preferences in music of each of those allowed way inside the car.

Under the hood of the Sport the DC100 Rover’s a Land Concept is his brother with a high roof DC100 2018-2019 Land Rover plans to offer a choice of diesel or gasoline engine 2.0-liter, each of which is a hybrid version can be equipped with an electric helper. Engine torque is transmitted to all wheels through an efficient 8-speed automatic transmission, and the use of technology Start / Stop at any of the complete sets significantly reduces fuel consumption.

In addition, 2018-2019 Land Rover says the new generation of all-wheel drive allows you to distribute torque separately for each of the four wheels, and a mechanical disconnect the drive to the rear when traveling at cruising speed in comparison with advanced, electronically controlled, further reducing fuel consumption by 7 percent . Mechanical activation and deactivation DC100 rear-wheel drive in the center differential takes place as quickly as e-mail.

Photo 2018-2019 Land Rover DC100 Concept

Photo 2018-2019 Land Rover DC100 Sport Concept