2018-2019 Jaguar F-Type Coupe

2018-2019 Jaguar F-Type Coupe

2018-2019 Jaguar has introduced a new coupe F-Type , available in versions F-Type, F-Type S and F-Type R. The latter is equipped with a 550-horsepower engine, the first two on the characteristics of more modest, but “feeble” they can not be called. British sports car has all-aluminum bodywork.

  • Basic modification of the 2018-2019 Jaguar F-Type Coupe is equipped with a V6 engine volume of 3 liters, which is able to develop a power of 340 hp and a torque of 450 Nm, which allows the car to accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour (96 km / h) in 5.1 seconds and reach 260 kilometers per hour maximum speed.
  • In the compartment F-Type S power is 380 horsepower with a torque of 460 Nm, thus better acceleration dynamics. Up to 60 miles per hour the car accelerates in 4.8 seconds and top speed is 275 km / h.
  • Under the hood 2018-2019 Jaguar F-Type R is 5-liter aluminum unibody engine V8, which develops 550 horsepower and 680 Nm of torque.

Sporty coupe «R» to Albion shoots from a standstill to 96 km / h in 4 seconds, acceleration from 80 to 120 kilometers per hour takes only 2.4 seconds. Top speed is limited force at around 300 km / h.

The motor is combined with the 8-speed automatic transmission, which provides a manual shift mode. Torque realized the rear axle via an electronically controlled differential EAD with thrust vector control system.

Slowing the car is designed braking system with 380 mm discs at the front and 376-millimeter rear with red or black calipers. For a surcharge available more effective carbon-ceramic brakes, which reduces the amount of unsprung masses by 21 kg. It contains a set of 398-mm discs and 6-piston calipers are bright yellow.

Inside, coupe 2018-2019 Jaguar F-Type has sports seats with a combined leather trim and cloth seats have modified R is completely covered with leather. You can choose from two steering wheels (one with a flat bottom part) and three audio systems, two of which are from the Meridian.

Speakers from the world famous British companies differ in the number of speakers (10 or 12) and 380 watts or 770 watts. Also in the list of options has a panoramic roof.

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