2018-2019 Infiniti Q30 Concept

2018-2019 Infiniti is preparing a new car aimed primarily at young buyers. The appearance of the model in series production is not far off, and confirmed that presented in the framework of the motor show in Frankfurt Q30 Concept. The manufacturer is difficult to name body type news, saying the connection in one car features a hatchback, coupe and crossover. This should bring the car to its target audience – the young and successful people.

Mixing together the sporty silhouette of the coupe, hatchback roominess and high landing crossover (however, here the manufacturer exaggerates), the car gave a sensual design. Body concept has relief lines, which seemed to flow through him. Athletic 2018-2019 Infiniti Q30 has short overhangs and large wheel arches. Alloy wheels dimension of 20 inches stand out purple accents on the inner side of the spokes.

In order not to disturb during the shoulder line of the body, it was decided to abandon the conventional door handles. Narrowed headlamps create a sharp look, while the rear pillar differ curved shape. The glass tailgate is strongly tilted forward to create a more dynamic side view. Perhaps it is this feature of the designers had in mind when they talked about the rapid coupe profile.

conceptual hatchback and luxurious interior in a contemporary style. A distinctive feature was the asymmetry, manifested in a non-standard approach to constructive placement of ventilation holes and other interior elements. The desired atmosphere creates violet lighting.

2018-2019 Infiniti Q30 was the precursor of a future compact model of the Japanese brand, which should appear in . To make the car is planned in the city of Sunderland, UK. For information on power units and technical characteristics of new items at the Frankfurt Motor manufacturer did not disclose, but shared its global strategy of sales growth in key markets. Particular attention is focused on Europe and China, where it is very much the responsibility of the new model for the compact class.

Photo 2018-2019 Infiniti Q30 Concept