2018-2019 Honda Urban SUV Concept – a new crossover from 2018-2019 Honda

2018-2019 Honda Urban SUV Concept – a new crossover from 2018-2019 Honda

The segment of small urban crossover is growing rapidly. At the Detroit Motor Show in presented one has a conceptual model 2018-2019 Honda Urban SUV Concept, which is already in late , the Japanese promised to start mass production. The first new product will be sold in Japan, and the conquest of the car markets in other countries is planned for .

Crossover is created on the compact hatchback the 2018-2019 Honda the Fit . That the length of the Urban SUV is not expected to exceed 4.3 meters, and under the hood of the car will work efficient engines of small volume. Therefore, the new product from 2018-2019 Honda takes in the model hierarchy manufacturer place on a step below the CR-V SUV , will have a more affordable price and be considered attractive for urban use.

Exact specifications 2018-2019 Honda Urban SUV Concept company has not yet called, remains unknown and the future name of the car. We only know one thing: a small SUV will receive powertrains Earth Dreams, have a number of technologies to improve efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Interior 2018-2019 Honda Urban SUV Concept is still in the development stage, but the manufacturer promises to make it ergonomic, spacious and practical. The design concept is also not final, however, on the exterior of the car of the future is already possible to draw some conclusions.

2018-2019 Honda makes a special rate on the North American market, where the new crossover wants to increase sales. The production version of the car, the prototype of which was the Urban SUV Concept, will be manufactured at the company’s plant in Mexico with the hatchback Fit. Estimated start-up time in a series of overseas – spring . Japanese crossover will have to endure a serious competition with similar vehicles from other manufacturers.

Among the main rivals 2018-2019 Honda Urban SUV Concept is said to have made famous the Nissan the Juke . From classmates with American roots, you can allocate a new the Chevrolet Trax , European brands – of Opel Mokka . Over time the number of models in the compact crossover class will only grow, for mass production already prepared, “the French» – the Peugeot and of Renault Captur .

Photo 2018-2019 Honda Urban SUV Concept