2018-2019 Honda «S» and «C» Concept – two prototypes of the new 2018-2019 Honda cars

2018-2019 Honda «S» and «C» Concept – two prototypes of the new 2018-2019 Honda cars

The Japanese company 2018-2019 Honda Motor Show in Beijing under the presented two very interesting concepts and named S Concept C Concept, the first of which is the prototype of a global eco-friendly car of the near future, while the second aims to join the ranks of some of the Asian car market. Technical details indecently small, but it is known that both cars will go into production next year.

2018-2019 Honda S Concept

Global prototype 2018-2019 Honda S Concept, which soon join the ranks of the environmentally friendly vehicles of the world car market, in the style of a sports minivan with an acute angle of inclination of the windshield without unnecessary crossings connecting the hood and roof of the car. Strict narrow headlights, smooth lines of the arches and bonnet, similar to a smiling Mazda grille and sophisticated, built-in fog lights front bumper consisting of four blocks of blue lights create a unique look of the car. In addition, according to the developer within the model comfortable and plenty of space for comfortable traveling for any distance.

The correct form of the profile 2018-2019 Honda S Concept underscore the short overhangs and large wheels with lightweight and durable wheels, the spokes of which five brilliant step-up braided brake cooling inserts of brown plastic. Located on either side of the large door rear lights are also a bit awkward, but very comfortable fit in the overall design called the letter «S» of the concept car.

Vary in color from gray body salad strip around the fog lights continues to side sills from the Concept S 2018-2019 Honda and smoothly into the high rear diffuser, which is also to be original two large diamond-shaped by the type of jet nozzles. Inside lozenges instead of the usual exhaust pipes are located red LED lights. Apparently the developer nozzle engine simulates intergalactic vehicles from about kosmolёty films.

2018-2019 Honda C Concept

Embossed body 4-door sedan 2018-2019 Honda C Concept feature set of smooth and stylish lines and frown seriously before. Low and wide planting enhances aggressiveness, which also complement larger air intakes front bumper and unique black grille and narrow headlights with them above the original horizontal stripe with a large symbol «H» in the center.

Profile sedan 2018-2019 Honda C Concept also contains many lines all of which only complement the overall dynamic and rapid appearance. The rear of the car is different angular diffuser with integrated diamond-shaped tailpipes and not less original, smoothly envelopes the license plate and which call away to the center of the trunk lid, rear lights with LEDs. It should be noted that the front lights are also placed their LEDs far to the center of the complex shape of the hood.

Photos 2018-2019 Honda Concept C

Photos 2018-2019 Honda Concept S