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2018-2019 Honda Odyssey seeks to redefine the concept of minibuses and provides on the new model exclusive appearance. The interior of the 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey more comfortable, more spacious, and the technology available output minivan 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey to a whole new level.

Interior 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey is equipped with a new finish, it is roomy and comfortable. Nice looking traditional center console, which has improved significantly compared to the previous version of the management and control of the audio system navigation. In place of the switches came human-friendly knobs. Analog tachometer and speedometer of equal size, combined with sensors monitoring the engine coolant temperature and fuel level 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey.

To avoid confusion, consider the hierarchy of models 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey. It starts with the LX range. Then follow the model EX, EX-L, EX-L RES and EX-L NAV. Flagship model – 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey Touring and introduced in this year’s model 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite. Prices start at $ 27,800 for the LX. Price 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey with leather upholstery (model EX-L), starting at $ 34 450. Finally Touring starts at $ 40,755, while the price of new equipment . Touring the Elite starts at $ 43,250.

Although all models of 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey complement major appliances, multi-information display in the center and in the upper part it depends on the configuration. Standard LX model equipped with a basic set of instruments. A few best 3-segment display is completed with the middle class – EX. But the real charm of a full-color 8-inch QVGA display is mounted on the model EX-L and EX-L RES, and his colleague 8-inch VGA on the EX-L Touring. Both are able to provide a full range of information, including navigation, audio, trip computer and even the choice of the background image.

The rest of the interior 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey is a reflection of the dreams for a family trip. Throughout the cabin located on 12 volt outlet, cup holders galore, which on all models 15 pieces, and model 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey LX only 13. crannies to store things, seemingly hidden virtually any panel, and complete EX-L and Touring even a “Cool Box” for chilling drinks.

Seats for driver and front passenger 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey has a folding armrest, and leather, heated and memory position depends on the configuration. Between the front seats modified center console, which now consists of a box with cupholders. The box is designed to store food or garbage and can be easily removed providing a generous passage for those who have decided to abandon it.

The second row seat 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey changed substantially compared to last year’s model. The central of the three second-row seats to 10 cm wider and can be pushed to the front seats. Moreover, the middle three areas may be offset from each other by 4 cm each. All three places are foldable and have the ability to remove them completely.

The third row of seats has also been enhanced. This additional 3 cm of legroom and “comfort adult passengers” – says 2018-2019 Honda. The entire row of seats can be easily folded to form a flat floor for transporting luggage.

Climate control in the version of the 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey LX dual-zone, and on all other versions with three-zone automatic distribution of a given means of temperatury.Transportnye equipped with a navigation system based on GPS data automatically adjust the fan speed to cool the direct sunlight.

Infotainment system 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey in even the simplest configuration is very good. Basic audio package (LX model) includes AM / FM / CD with five speakers and a total power of 229 watts. The next level on EX models and EX-L extra set of hard drive for music files of 2GB. When installed on a 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey navigation system space increases to 15GB. The last audio package, which is installed only on the model Touring Elite includes an AM / FM / CD, HDD 15 GB, 12 speakers including subwoofer, which together give 650 watts. The center channel for surround sound 5.1 is located on the 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey roof in the area of ​​the second pillar.

Under the hood, 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey modified 24-valve 3.5-liter V6 engine. To improve breathing engine set a new two-stage intake manifold and a new engine develops 248 horsepower, this 4 hp more than the engine last year’s model 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey.

In any configuration 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey was set Variable Cylinder Management system (VCM). This technology allows to disconnect the cylinder 3 of 6 when they are not needed. If the car is driven at the same speed in small speed system disables the rear of the engine block V6 and continues to move on three cylinders providing a more economical mode. With smooth acceleration engine can run on four cylinders – two front block two from the rear. With VCM electronics system controls the operation of valves, shutting off unnecessary in Eco mode the engine 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey.

The motor transmits its power to the front wheels through one of the two possible transmission. The standard 5-speed gearbox on all models except the 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey Touring and 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite, in which a 6-speed automatic is available.

Wheelbase 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey is different from last year’s models except for the wider track. The independent suspension design remains the same – MacPherson strut front, multilink rear, but 2018-2019 Honda engineers improved the design for the isolation of the passengers from noise.

Many automakers have switched to electric power steering pumps, but the power steering 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey remains a traditional hydraulic. As might be expected to help the driver amplifier more runs at low speeds. At higher speeds, the system automatically reduces the aid and at the same time reducing harmful to the resistance of the motor.

Disc brakes 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey on all four wheels have increased in size. Sami wheels also rose an inch. Touring and Touring models complement the Elite 18-inch alloy wheels, while the other version of the 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey 17-inch steel wheels. The spare wheel is hidden between the front seats.

The curb weight of 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite about two tons. LX-level models weigh up to 200 kg lighter. However, according to the company 2018-2019 Honda accelerates to 100 km per hour is still in 8.5 seconds. Much more important for fuel consumption minibuses owners whose efficiency 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey is different. Models with a 5-speed manual transmission (LX, EX and EX-L) consume 15.7 liters / 100 km on the highway, 10.5 liters in the city and in mixed mode 13.5 liters per hundred. Touring and Touring models from the Elite 6-speed automatic spending 10 l / 100 km on the highway, 15 liters in the city and 12.8 liters per hundred in mixed mode.

Security 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey is also impressive. Standard safety equipment includes a System Stability Assist (VSA), 4-channel ABS with electronic distribution and Brake Assist. Also, a car packed with airbags. In addition the new 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey is equipped with innovative Detection System technology, which disables the side airbag if a child leaned against the door.

2018-2019 Honda Odyssey model year has not yet been tested, but the automaker says the new minivan is required to earn the highest safety assessment.

If we compare the 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey with the closest competitor Toyota Sienna, immediately noticeable that in the third row 2018-2019 Honda for adults is much more spacious. Both, of course, significantly raised the bar completely revising their vans. Both cars offer comfort, with plenty of facilities and entertainment for passengers, but the similarity ends.

Although the Toyota Sienna modern and sporty 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey is more economical, but it is an advantage for a family car.

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