2018-2019 Honda Insight Hybrid – 2018-2019 Honda reduces the price of hybrid cars

2018-2019 Honda Insight Hybrid – 2018-2019 Honda reduces the price of hybrid cars

2018-2019 Honda announces the beginning of sales of the new hybrid version of the model Insight Hybrid at the price of 18 $ 200 for the basic version. The hybrid vehicle is driven by means of a 1.3-liter engine is paired with an electric motor of 10 kW and is equipped with ESP stabilization system for all versions of Insight .

Range 2018-2019 Honda Insight models begins with a basic version, which is designated as “Insight”. This is followed by the average level with additional functions – “Insight LX” and completes the line’s top model, which is available with a navigation system – “Insight EX”. All versions of the Insight model year will be equipped with ESP system, which was previously available only on the EX version of the Insight.

Interior of the Insight has a unique skin seats and a sound system with a CD player and two speakers. In the version of the Insight LX added cruise control, USB interface, central armrest and floor mats. Insight EX adds to the LX steering wheel with audio controls.

Insight is driven by means of an integrated hybrid system consisting of a 1.3-liter gasoline engine and a 10 kW electric motor. Insight fuel consumption of 5.9 liters in the city and on the highway 5.5 liters per hundred kilometers. Of the features of the car it is worth noting the feedback system with the Eco Assist driver, which helps achieve optimum efficiency for different driving styles.

Standard The Insight – anti-lock braking system, continuously variable transmission (CVT), System Eco Assist, automatic climate control, tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, adjustable driver’s seat height adjustment, power windows, AM / FM audio system with CD player and two speakers, auxiliary input for external digital music players, and more.

In completing the Insight LX added cruise control, four speakers, USB interface, armrest, mats and safety systems.

In completing the Insight EX adds audio system with six speakers, heated side mirrors and integrated turn signals, and more. Exclusively available on the Insight EX satellite navigation 2018-2019 Honda with 6.5-inch screen and voice recognition, which provides routing and address book to more than 7 million addresses in the United States. Models equipped with the navigation system is also equipped with Bluetooth for handsfree compatible mobile phones, along with the management of navigation and handsfree phone on the steering wheel.

1.3 liter 4-cylinder engine with valve timing changing intellectual works together with a 10 kilowatt electric motor. The electric motor is located between the combustion engine and the gearbox. In the acceleration mode, and to maintain a cruising speed of the work included in the electric motor during deceleration and it performs the function generator and charges the battery.

Standard safety systems on all versions of the Insight include all kinds of front and side airbags, anti-lock braking system with electronic brake-force distribution, active head restraints for driver and front passenger and a body structure that provides occupant protection in the event of an accident to be compliant with the head-on collision between vehicles of different sizes.

2018-2019 Honda is a leader in developing clean and efficient vehicles, including the 2018-2019 Honda Insight, 1999 – the first hybrid vehicle mass production, Civic GX, which runs on compressed natural gas, and three hybrid models – the Civic Hybrid is, the CR-the Z Hybrid is and Insight Hybrid .

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