2018-2019 Honda EV-Ster Concept – an electric sports car 2018-2019 Honda

2018-2019 Honda EV-Ster Concept – an electric sports car 2018-2019 Honda

Interesting concept car 2018-2019 Honda EV-Ster shows automaker from Japan at the Tokyo Auto Salon . The compact car is 3.5 meters long is driven using the electric power from the lithium-ion battery. Easy and environmentally friendly convertible 2018-2019 Honda EV-Ster Concept with space for two people able to travel without recharging up to 160 kilometers.

The innovative design of the sports 2018-2019 Honda EV-Ster Concept features a low slung, short overhangs and complex LED lighting, with dark blue illumination of the grille, the side plates on the sills, rear diffuser on the perimeter and around the rear lights. Supplemented exterior design sports a two-door car, stylish wheels with lightweight wheels, which are also integrated in the blue light, shod in low-profile, high-performance tires.

Dimensions 2018-2019 Honda EV-Ster Concept

  • Length: 3570 mm;
  • Width: 1,500 mm;
  • Height: 1 100 mm;
  • Wheelbase: 2325 mm.

The main difference within the 2018-2019 Honda EV-Ster Concept is the lack of a steering wheel in the conventional sense, which replaces the two levers on the steering wheel like an airplane. Three screens – big in the middle and two side, not only to inform the driver of the vehicle operating conditions, but also allow you to use navigation, listen to audio, and use the wide area network to communicate or show information.

With regard to the technical component of the concept car-Ster the EV, the 2018-2019 Honda announces battery possible capacity of 10 kW / h to allow the car to travel up to 160 kilometers without additional charge. In addition, 58-kilowatt lithium-ion battery will drive the car up to 160 kilometers per hour and a maximum speed of 5.0 seconds with acceleration from zero to a hundred.

2018-2019 Honda also reports that the driver is available for setting EV-Ster Concept on a more aggressive way, when the electric motor allows excellent performance to fully enjoy the sporty two-seater light. It looks like a sports mode offers forget about the declared 160 kilometers, well, make up the battery charge can be up to 3 hours from a home outlet, and the source voltage of 100 volts battery gain strength for 6 hours.

Photo 2018-2019 Honda EV-Ster Concept