2018-2019 Honda Crosstour Concept – an unusual crossover 2018-2019 Honda

Crosstour Concept from 2018-2019 Honda was another premiere New York International Auto Show (NYIAS-). At its core, it’s a crossover with an impressive ground clearance, but the shape of his body more like a liftback or more simply – combi. The new generation of 2018-2019 Honda Crosstour gets a powerful, yet economical six-cylinder engine with the latest 6-step “automatic”. There are a range of powertrains and less powerful “quartet”.

John Mendel, vice president of American 2018-2019 Honda sales company, I am sure that there was Crosstour its target audience. The new generation has the potential to strengthen the position of the model’s popularity.

Crosstour Concept Design turned bold and sporty. Front bumper with modified headlights and integrated grille has become more brutal in appearance, and in other elements of the body traces of the strong off-road vehicles. Decorate the image of a crossover fashion in the 19-inch wheels, mounted on a beautiful drive with five spokes. In the production version will be available a little smaller “rollers” 18-gauge.

2018-2019 Honda decided not to show the interior of the Crosstour Concept, preserving the intrigue for the future. But about crossover engines already know a lot.

Engines Crosstour Concept

Crosstour is equipped with two advanced and highly efficient powertrains. The first of them – 24-valve engine working volume of 3.5 liter, six-cylinder, V-shaped arranged. With him in a pair of runs to six-speed automatic transmission. Thanks to 2018-2019 Honda Variable Cylinder Management technology has a good engine efficiency. With this powertrain and all-wheel drive is available.

The second engine of the new Crosstour by 2018-2019 Honda four-cylinder engine has a more modest volume, compared with the “six” – only 2.4 liters. Its capacity is 192 horsepower and torque of 220 Nm. This engine works in conjunction with a five-speed automatic transmission.

The new Crosstour offers an extensive list of safety systems. The crossover is equipped with a system to prevent accidents, which itself controls the position of the vehicle in the road lane and monitors the intensity of the flow of vehicles. The side mirrors are equipped with a function monitoring blind spots, there is a back-up camera.

2018-2019 Honda Crosstour project first introduced in . Since then, the work was carried out to improve the model, the car has received awards JD Power and Associates as the most successful mid-size crossover. Produced cars in the US 2018-2019 Honda East Liberty Plant in Ohio.

Photo 2018-2019 Honda Crosstour Concept