2018-2019 Honda CR-V , NSX and EV-Ster Concept in Europe

2018-2019 Honda has published information about the upcoming updates on the car market in Europe, including the popular SUV 2018-2019 Honda CR-V model year, the two mind-blowing concept NSX and EV-Ster, as well as a new efficient diesel engine capacity of 1.6 liters and two updated models of the new Jazz .

Concept car 2018-2019 Honda NSX

The first and most interesting novelty of the company is a stunning concept car 2018-2019 Honda NSX, which recently named the automaker introduced the Acura the NSX Concept is . Mid-engine, four-wheel drive NSX with a V-6 engine and an innovative hybrid powertrain technology Sport Hybrid SH-AWD, will lead the 2018-2019 Honda booth in Geneva, and in the production will go on for the next three years.

New 2018-2019 Honda CR-V in Europe

The long-awaited fans of 2018-2019 Honda CR-V European debut as the Japanese automaker is scheduled for the spring auto show in Geneva. The automaker says that compared to the previous generation, the new 2018-2019 Honda CR-V model year has a more sculpted design, which in addition to the improved aerodynamic performance, allows to conquer more steep climbs and descents, and the first European owners will be able to meet the new CR-V in the the end of the year.

Concept car 2018-2019 Honda EV-Ster

The second concept, except NSX prepared for Geneva – the 2018-2019 Honda the EV-Ster , which is familiar to fans of the brand in the opening at the Motor Show Tokyo Motor Show, where the Japanese automaker showed a two-seater sports car with an open top, which is driven by electric motors. RWD Electrical Roadster can travel without additional charge of 160 kilometers at a maximum speed of 160 km / h, and the time of full charge from a home outlet is 3 hours. It is worth noting that the 3.5-meter-long electric car accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 5.0 seconds.

New 2018-2019 Honda diesel

In addition to these models, at Geneva Motor Show 2018-2019 Honda plans to show a new efficient power unit, which in the future will be equipped with the company’s cars. The diesel engine is a new-generation 1.6-liter – the first-born in Europe – features easy and economical, with a decent performance. According to the developer, harmful engine emissions in the environment do not exceed 100 grams per kilometer.

New Jazz in Europe

Supplement to the European debut – a pair of compact models the Jazz – «of Si» and «Jazz 1.2 + Idle Stop», the first of which offers an updated sport suspension and a modified exterior and interior design, and the second, by equipping 1.2-liter engine Idle Stop technology , fuel consumption reduction.

For more information about the updates will be available on March 6 at the Geneva when and scheduled presentation 2018-2019 Honda press release.

Photo 2018-2019 Honda NSX Concept

Photos 2018-2019 Honda CR-V

Photo 2018-2019 Honda EV-Ster Concept