2018-2019 Honda Civic Tourer

In the spring of , at the Motor Show in Geneva was presented a concept car station wagon 2018-2019 Honda Civic Tourer. On the eve of the autumn motor show in Frankfurt, the company shows the first photo and video developed in Europe and focused on the local market production version of the station wagon. The car will be produced in the UK and will try to compete with models of other companies already in .

The true functionality in Civic station wagon hidden behind a bright and sporty design of the body. Among the other new car segment just do not get lost and will win the customer stand out look that comes from the original unique style. Competitors have serious news in the first place is the new the VW the Golf a Variant .

From technical solutions different from the brothers for the segment is worth noting the fuel tank, which is the Japanese Civic Tourer is located under the front seats, which provides a lot of room in the trunk. Volume of cargo compartment is 624 liters and increases to 1668 liters when the second row seats folded.

Compared with the hatchback loading height reduced by 137 millimeters, and in addition to the usual folding rear seat backrests 2018-2019 Honda offers an alternative when the cushion rises up (Magic Seats), allowing you to load luggage through the side door and transport it over the front seats.

Under the hood, 2018-2019 Honda Civic Tourer plan to install a new diesel engine 1.6 i-DTEC from the family of Earth Dreams engines or gasoline 4-cylinder engine 1.8 i-VTEC. Subcompact high-tech diesel engine with turbocharging is specifically designed for the European market and will soon be in the line of motors CR-V crossover .

Rear suspension wagon received adaptive damping system that allows to improve the stability of the vehicle on any road surface and with any load. The driver of the new Civic Tourer is available choice of three modes – Comfort, Normal and Dynamic, each of which involves manually changing the stiffness of suspension, depending on the road surface and the gravity of the load in the trunk.

Picture 2018-2019 Honda Civic Tourer

Picture 2018-2019 Honda Civic Tourer Concept

Video Civic Tourer