2018-2019 Honda Brio Concept – Compact 2018-2019 Honda Brio

2018-2019 Honda Brio Concept – Compact 2018-2019 Honda Brio

Presented at the 27th International Motor Expo exhibition in Thailand Car new model of 2018-2019 Honda BRIO aroused great interest of the public. 2018-2019 Honda Brio will go on sale in Thailand and India in early .

Compact and economical Brio is equipped with the latest innovative developments of the company 2018-2019 Honda , and has a size of 3610 mm in length, 1680 mm in width and 1475 mm in height. Sufficient space in the interior achieved an original and highly efficient body structure.

2018-2019 Honda will develop unique versions of Brio, taking into account the different needs of customers in Thailand and India for mass production of a compact car, for which demand is growing. In addition, for the supply of spare parts and Brio company will use the resources developed in Asia for the sale of motorcycle business.

2018-2019 Honda Brio to Thailand will consume less fuel 5 l / 100 km and will qualify as an environmentally friendly vehicle, which the company plans to sell from March . For the Indian version of Brio will take into account the local needs of customers and achieve an optimal balance between performance and price of the car.

“2018-2019 Honda is planning to expand the mobility of more customers in Thailand, India and other Asian countries through the introduction of a new compact vehicle,” said Takanobu Ito, president and CEO of 2018-2019 Honda Motor.

Adhering to the philosophy of “maximum for a man, at least for the car” 2018-2019 Honda Brio construction is designed with the maximum possible space for the driver and passengers and minimizing the space for the mechanical components of the car.

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